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Square millimeters to centimeters, mm2 to cm2
Square millimeters to decimeters, mm2 to dm2
Square millimeters to meters, mm2 to m2
Square millimeters (mm2) to inches (in2)
Square millimeters to feet, mm2 to ft2

Square centimeters to decimeters, cm2 to dm2
Square centimeters to meters, cm2 to m2
Square centimeters to kilometers, cm2 to km2
Square centimeters to inches, cm2 to in2
Square centimeters to feet, cm2 to ft2
Square centimeters to yards, cm2 to yd2
Square centimeters to miles, cm2 to mile2
Square centimeters to ares, cm2 to a
Square centimeters to acres, cm2 to ac
Square centimeters to hectares, cm2 to ha

Square decimeters to meters, dm2 to m2
Square decimeters to kilometers, dm2 to km2
Square decimeters to inches, dm2 to in2
Square decimeters to feet, dm2 to feet2
Square decimeters to yards, dm2 to yd2
Square decimeters to miles, dm2 to mile2
Square decimeters to ares, dm2 to a
Square decimeters to acres, dm2 to ac
Square decimeters to hectares, dm2 to ha

Square meters to inches, m2 to in2
Square meters to feet, m2 to ft2
Square meters to yards, m2 to yd2
Square meters to kilometers, m2 to km2
Square meters to miles, m2 to mile2
Square meters to ares, m2 to a
Square meters to acres, m2 to ac
Square meters to hectares, m2 to ha

Square kilometers to miles, km2 to mile2
Square kilometers to ares, km2 to a
Square kilometers to acres, km2 to ac
Square kilometers to hectares, km2 to ha

Square inches to feet, in2 to ft2
Square inches to yards, in2 to yd2

Square feet to yards, ft2 to yd2
Square feet to gaj, ft2 to gaj
Square feet to acres, ft2 to ac

Square yards to gaj, yd2 to gaj
Square yards to acres, yd2 to ac

Ares to square miles, a to mile2
Ares to acres, a to ac
Ares to hectares, a to ha

Acres to square miles, ac to mile2
Acres to hectares, ha to ac

Hectares to square miles, ha to mile2
Centimeters (cm) to square centimeters (cm2)
Inches (in) to square inches (in2)

Feet (ft) to square feet (sq. ft)
Square footage and price calculator
Yards (yd) to square yards (yd2)

Meters (m) to square meters (m2)
Square meter and price calculator
Kilometers (km) to square kilometers (km2)

Facts about area, space measurement and units

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Area measurement facts 35
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