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  Time zone abbreviation - TA.
Afghanistan Country flag af Asia/Kabul +04:30 AFT 0  Kabul   AF   AFG   AS 
Aland Islands Country flag ax Europe/Mariehamn +03:00 EEST 1  Mariehamn   AX   ALA   EU 
Albania Country flag al Europe/Tirane +02:00 CEST 1  Tirana   AL   ALB   EU 
Algeria Country flag dz Africa/Algiers +01:00 CET 0  Algiers   DZ   DZA   AF 
American Samoa Country flag as Pacific/Pago_Pago -11:00 SST 0  Pago Pago   AS   ASM   OC 
Andorra Country flag ad Europe/Andorra +02:00 CEST 1  Andorra la Vella   AD   AND   EU 
Angola Country flag ao Africa/Luanda +01:00 WAT 0  Luanda   AO   AGO   AF 
Anguilla Country flag ai America/Anguilla -04:00 AST 0  The Valley   AI   AIA   NA 
Antigua and Barbuda Country flag ag America/Antigua -04:00 AST 0  Saint John’s   AG   ATG   NA 
Argentina Country flag ar America/Argentina/
-03:00 ART 0  Buenos Aires   AR   ARG   SA 
Armenia Country flag am Asia/Yerevan +05:00 AMST 1  Yerevan   AM   ARM   AS 
Aruba Country flag aw America/Aruba -04:00 AST 0  Oranjestad   AW   ABW   NA 
Australia Country flag au Australia/Sydney +10:00 EST 0  Canberra   AU   AUS   OC 
Austria Country flag at Europe/Vienna +02:00 CEST 1  Vienna   AT   AUT   EU 
Azerbaijan Country flag az Asia/Baku +05:00 AZST 1  Baku   AZ   AZE   AS 
Bahamas Country flag bs America/Nassau -04:00 EDT 1  Nassau   BS   BHS   NA 
Bahrain Country flag bh Asia/Bahrain +03:00 AST 0  Manama   BH   BHR   AS 
Bangladesh Country flag bd Asia/Dhaka +06:00 BDT 0  Dhaka   BD   BGD   AS 
Barbados Country flag bb America/Barbados -04:00 AST 0  Bridgetown   BB   BRB   NA 
Belarus Country flag by Europe/Minsk +03:00 EEST 1  Minsk   BY   BLR   EU 
Belgium Country flag be Europe/Brussels +02:00 CEST 1  Brussels   BE   BEL   EU 
Belize Country flag bz America/Belize -06:00 CST 0  Belmopan   BZ   BLZ   NA 
Benin Country flag bj Africa/Porto-Novo +01:00 WAT 0  Porto-Novo   BJ   BEN   AF 
Bermuda Country flag bm Atlantic/Bermuda -03:00 ADT 1  Hamilton   BM   BMU   NA 
Bhutan Country flag bt Asia/Thimphu +06:00 BTT 0  Thimphu   BT   BTN   AS 
Bolivia Country flag bo America/La_Paz -04:00 BOT 0  Sucre   BO   BOL   SA 
Bonaire, Saint Eustatius
and Saba
America/Kralendijk -04:00 BOT 0  Kralendijk   BQ   BES   NA 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Country flag ba Europe/Sarajevo +02:00 CEST 1  Sarajevo   BA   BIH   EU 
Botswana Country flag bw Africa/Gaborone +02:00 CAT 0  Gaborone   BW   BWA   AF 
Brazil Country flag br America/Sao_Paulo -03:00 BRT 0  Brasília   BR   BRA   SA 
British Virgin Islands Country flag vg America/Tortola -04:00 AST 0  Road Town   VG   VGB   NA 
Brunei Country flag bn Asia/Brunei +08:00 BNT 0  Bandar Seri Begawan   BN   BRN   AS 
Bulgaria Country flag bg Europe/Sofia +03:00 EEST 1  Sofia   BG   BGR   EU 
Burkina Faso Country flag bf Africa/Ouagadougou +00:00 GMT 0  Ouagadougou   BF   BFA   AF 
Burundi Country flag bi Africa/Bujumbura +02:00 CAT 0  Bujumbura   BI   BDI   AF 
Cambodia Country flag kh Asia/Phnom_Penh +07:00 ICT 0  Phnom Penh   KH   KHM   AS 
Cameroon Country flag cm Africa/Douala +01:00 WAT 0  Yaoundé   CM   CMR   AF 
Canada Country flag ca America/Toronto -04:00 EDT 1  Ottawa   CA   CAN   NA 
Cape Verde Country flag cv Atlantic/Cape_Verde -01:00 CVT 0  Praia   CV   CPV   AF 
Cayman Islands Country flag ky America/Cayman -05:00 EST 0  George Town   KY   CYM   NA 
Central African Republic Country flag cf Africa/Bangui +01:00 WAT 0  Bangui   CF   CAF   AF 
Chad Country flag td Africa/Ndjamena +01:00 WAT 0  N'Djamena   TD   TCD   AF 
Chile Country flag cl America/Santiago -04:00 CLT 0  Santiago   CL   CHL   SA 
China Country flag cn Asia/Shanghai +08:00 CST 0  Beijing   CN   CHN   AS 
Christmas Island Country flag cx Indian/Christmas +07:00 CXT 0  Flying Fish Cove   CX   CXR   AS 
Cocos Islands Country flag cc Indian/Cocos +06:30 CCT 0  West Island   CC   CCK   AS 
Colombia Country flag co America/Bogota -05:00 COT 0  Bogotá   CO   COL   SA 
Comoros Country flag km Indian/Comoro +03:00 EAT 0  Moroni   KM   COM   AF 
Cook Islands Country flag ck Pacific/Rarotonga -10:00 CKT 0  Avarua   CK   COK   OC 
Costa Rica Country flag cr America/Costa_Rica -06:00 CST 0  San José   CR   CRI   NA 
Croatia Country flag hr Europe/Zagreb +02:00 CEST 1  Zagreb   HR   HRV   EU 
Cuba Country flag cu America/Havana -04:00 CDT 1  Havana   CU   CUB   NA 
Curacao Country flag cw America/Curacao -04:00 AST 0  Willemstad   CW   CUW   NA 
Cyprus Country flag cy Asia/Nicosia +03:00 EEST 1  Nicosia   CY   CYP   EU 
Czech Republic Country flag cz Europe/Prague +02:00 CEST 1  Prague   CZ   CZE   EU 
Democratic Republic of
the Congo
Country flag cd Africa/Kinshasa +01:00 WAT 0  Kinshasa   CD   COD   AF 
Denmark Country flag dk Europe/Copenhagen +02:00 CEST 1  Copenhagen   DK   DNK   EU 
Djibouti Country flag dj Africa/Djibouti +03:00 EAT 0  Djibouti   DJ   DJI   AF 
Dominica Country flag dm America/Dominica -04:00 AST 0  Roseau   DM   DMA   NA 
Dominican Republic Country flag do America/Santo_Domingo -04:00 AST 0  Santo Domingo   DO   DOM   NA 
East Timor Country flag tl Asia/Dili +09:00 TLT 0  Dili   TL   TLS   OC 
Ecuador Country flag ec America/Guayaquil -05:00 ECT 0  Quito   EC   ECU   SA 
Egypt Country flag eg Africa/Cairo +03:00 EEST 1  Cairo   EG   EGY   AF 
El Salvador Country flag sv America/El_Salvador -06:00 CST 0  San Salvador   SV   SLV   NA 
Equatorial Guinea Country flag gq Africa/Malabo +01:00 WAT 0  Malabo   GQ   GNQ   AF 
Eritrea Country flag er Africa/Asmara +03:00 EAT 0  Asmara   ER   ERI   AF 
Estonia Country flag ee Europe/Tallinn +03:00 EEST 1  Tallinn   EE   EST   EU 
Ethiopia Country flag et Africa/Addis_Ababa +03:00 EAT 0  Addis Ababa   ET   ETH   AF 
Falkland Islands Country flag fk Atlantic/Stanley -04:00 FKT 0  Stanley   FK   FLK   SA 
Faroe Islands Country flag fo Atlantic/Faroe +01:00 WEST 1  Tórshavn   FO   FRO   EU 
Fiji Country flag fj Pacific/Fiji +12:00 FJT 0  Suva   FJ   FJI   OC 
Finland Country flag fi Europe/Helsinki +03:00 EEST 1  Helsinki   FI   FIN   EU 
France Country flag fr Europe/Paris +02:00 CEST 1  Paris   FR   FRA   EU 
French Guiana Country flag gf America/Cayenne -03:00 GFT 0  Cayenne   GF   GUF   SA 
French Polynesia Country flag pf Pacific/Tahiti -10:00 TAHT 0  Papeete   PF   PYF   OC 
French Southern Territories Country flag tf Indian/Kerguelen +05:00 TFT 0  Port-aux-Français   TF   ATF   AN 
Gabon Country flag ga Africa/Libreville +01:00 WAT 0  Libreville   GA   GAB   AF 
Gambia Country flag gm Africa/Banjul +00:00 GMT 0  Banjul   GM   GMB   AF 
Georgia Country flag ge Asia/Tbilisi +04:00 GET 0  Tbilisi   GE   GEO   AS 
Germany Country flag de Europe/Berlin +02:00 CEST 1  Berlin   DE   DEU   EU 
Ghana Country flag gh Africa/Accra +00:00 GMT 0  Accra   GH   GHA   AF 
Gibraltar Country flag gi Europe/Gibraltar +02:00 CEST 1  Gibraltar   GI   GIB   EU 
Greece Country flag gr Europe/Athens +03:00 EEST 1  Athens   GR   GRC   EU 
Greenland Country flag gl America/Godthab -02:00 WGST 1  Nuuk   GL   GRL   NA 
Grenada Country flag gd America/Grenada -04:00 AST 0  Saint George's   GD   GRD   NA 
Guadeloupe Country flag gp America/Guadeloupe -04:00 AST 0  Basse-Terre   GP   GLP   NA 
Guam Country flag gu Pacific/Guam +10:00 ChST 0  Hagåtña   GU   GUM   OC 
Guatemala Country flag gt America/Guatemala -06:00 CST 0  Guatemala City   GT   GTM   NA 
Guernsey Country flag gg Europe/Guernsey +01:00 BST 1  Saint Peter Port   GG   GGY   EU 
Guinea Country flag gn Africa/Conakry +00:00 GMT 0  Conakry   GN   GIN   AF 
Guinea-Bissau Country flag gw Africa/Bissau +00:00 GMT 0  Bissau   GW   GNB   AF 
Guyana Country flag gy America/Guyana -04:00 GYT 0  Georgetown   GY   GUY   SA 
Haiti Country flag ht America/Port-au-Prince -05:00 EST 0  Port-au-Prince   HT   HTI   NA 
Honduras Country flag hn America/Tegucigalpa -06:00 CST 0  Tegucigalpa   HN   HND   NA 
Hong Kong Country flag hk Asia/Hong_Kong +08:00 HKT 0  Hong Kong   HK   HKG   AS 
Hungary Country flag hu Europe/Budapest +02:00 CEST 1  Budapest   HU   HUN   EU 
Iceland Country flag is Atlantic/Reykjavik +00:00 GMT 0  Reykjavík   IS   ISL   EU 
India Country flag in Asia/Kolkata +05:30 IST 0  New Delhi   IN   IND   AS 
Indonesia Country flag id Asia/Jakarta +07:00 WIT 0  Jakarta   ID   IDN   AS 
Iran Country flag ir Asia/Tehran +04:30 IRDT 1  Tehrān   IR   IRN   AS 
Iraq Country flag iq Asia/Baghdad +03:00 AST 0  Baghdad   IQ   IRQ   AS 
Ireland Country flag ie Europe/Dublin +01:00 IST 1  Dublin   IE   IRL   EU 
Isle of Man Country flag im Europe/Isle_of_Man +01:00 BST 1  Douglas   IM   IMN   EU 
Italy Country flag it Europe/Rome +02:00 CEST 1  Rome   IT   ITA   EU 
Ivory Coast Country flag ci Africa/Abidjan +00:00 GMT 0  Yamoussoukro   CI   CIV   AF 
Jamaica Country flag jm America/Jamaica -05:00 EST 0  Kingston   JM   JAM   NA 
Japan Country flag jp Asia/Tokyo +09:00 JST 0  Tokyo   JP   JPN   AS 
Jersey Country flag je Europe/Jersey +01:00 BST 1  Saint Helier   JE   JEY   EU 
Jordan Country flag jo Asia/Amman +03:00 EEST 1  Amman   JO   JOR   AS 
Kazakhstan Country flag kz Asia/Almaty +06:00 ALMT 0  Astana   KZ   KAZ   AS 
Kenya Country flag ke Africa/Nairobi +03:00 EAT 0  Nairobi   KE   KEN   AF 
Kiribati Country flag ki Pacific/Tarawa +12:00 GILT 0  Tarawa   KI   KIR   OC 
Kosovo Europe/Belgrade +02:00 CEST 1  Pristina   XK   XKX   EU 
Kuwait Country flag kw Asia/Kuwait +03:00 AST 0  Kuwait City   KW   KWT   AS 
Kyrgyzstan Country flag kg Asia/Bishkek +06:00 KGT 0  Bishkek   KG   KGZ   AS 

What's the time?

For some people it is a natural feature, others understand it as the human brain activity. For mechanical engineering it is this movement; biologists say, that it is life; historians say, that it is death. Psychologists declare that time is consciousness. It is some kind of a natural phenomenon, generating all the changes in the world and it is not constant. Time is tangible and real. Time can be understood as a ratio of the material objects interaction. Yet we can (or can not) imagine that all things exist in the world forever, but our consciousness radius is narrow: that's what we capture and understand as "now". We do not have a conscious body all the time. The fact that we have a measure of time, does not mean that we understand the phenomenon. This is just an attempt to understand the nature of time, counting events.

2015-09-03 02:18:15
Time traveler:
Concept of time is obvious. Hours consist of a certain amount of minutes, days contains a certain amount of hours and a year consist of  days. But people think about the fundamental nature of time rarely.

Time runs non-stop, and we follow the flow of clocks and calendars. However, it can not be examined under a microscope, it can not be researched directly. Everybody knows, that it exist. But nobody can see time, touch time an so on. And it still exists. We can not say  what happens over time exactly. We can try to predict. Changes reflect time, for example, the rotation of the Moon around the Earth. Indeed,  understanding of time is closely related to the concept of space. According to the general theory of relativity, space, or the universe, has begun about 13.7 billion years ago. It is called the Big Bang. Until then, all matter was packed onto very small point. That point was also the initial matter, which later changed to Sun, Earth and Moon. According them we calculate the time. Before the Big Bang there was neither time nor space.
So what is time now in the moon?

2015-09-09 11:10:47
Why are time and clocks sio important for people?

There is no doubt time and clocks play a significant role in each person's life. I think no one has ever counted how many times approximately in 24 hours a man needs to know the time and looks at the clock. Working people since very morning have a look at the clock to find out if it is time to go to work. At work they also watch the time and look at the clock from time to time to know dinner time. The end of working day is so closely related to clocks as well. Speaking about leisure time it is impossible to ignore time and clocks.  If we want not to be late to the cinema, theater or even shopping, time should be taken into consideration. Could we imagine our life without time and clocks in this fast moving world. It would be a huge chaos. On the whole, time and clocks are an inseparable part of our lives. Thus, let's cherish our time and use it sensibly, then we won't be sorry for wasting it in vain.

2016-03-22 02:15:29
Difference between UTC and GMT is less than 1 second
UTC = GMT = UT1 with precision 1 second
So in daily life they are EQUAL.

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. Computer servers, online services and other entities that rely on having a universally accepted time use UTC for that purpose. UTC is a time standard based on International Atomic Time (TAI) with leap seconds added at irregular intervals to compensate for the Earth's slowing rotation. Leap seconds are used to allow UTC to closely track UT1, which is mean solar time at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is a term originally referring to mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. It is arguably the same as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Universal Time (UT) is a timescale based on the rotation of the Earth. It is a modern continuation of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), i.e., the mean solar time on the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, and GMT is sometimes used loosely as a synonym for UTC.

UT1 is the principal form of Universal Time. While conceptually it is mean solar time at 0° longitude, precise measurements of the Sun are difficult. Hence, it is computed from observations of distant quasars using long baseline interferometry, laser ranging of the Moon and artificial satellites, as well as the determination of GPS satellite orbits.

UTC replaced GMT as the basis for the main reference time scale or civil time in various regions on 1 January 1972. In casual use, when fractions of a second are not important, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) can be considered equivalent to UTC or UT1. Saying "GMT" often implies either UTC or UT1 when used within informal or casual contexts. In technical contexts, usage of "GMT" is avoided; the unambiguous terminology "UTC" or "UT1" is preferred.

2018-04-19 12:50:23
Milan Phuyal:
Reference standard to analyse our  activity.

2020-02-18 06:49:31

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