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Grams (g) to kilograms (kg)
Grams to carats, g to ct
Grams to long tons, g to long t
Grams to metric tons (tonnes), g to t
Grams to ounces, g to oz
Grams to pounds, g to lbs
Grams to short tons, g to us t
Grams to stones, g to stone
Grams to troy ounces, g to ozt
Kilograms to short tons, kg to us t
Kilograms to long tons, kg to long t
Kilograms to metric tonnes, kg to t
Kilograms to pounds, kg to lbs
Kilograms to stones, kg to stones
Micrograms to grams, mcg (ug) to g
Micrograms to kilograms, ug (mcg) to kg
Micrograms to milligrams, ug (mcg) to mg
Micrograms to pounds, ug (mcg) to lbs
Milligrams to grams, mg to g
Milligrams to kilograms, mg to kg
Milligrams to ounces, mg to oz
Milligrams to pounds, mg to lbs
Ounces to kilograms, oz to kg
Ounces to long tons, oz to long t
Ounces to metric tons (tonnes), oz to t
Ounces to pounds, oz to lbs
Ounces to short tons, oz to us t
Ounces to stones, oz to stone
Ounces to troy ounces, oz to ozt
Pounds (lbs) to long (Imperial) ton
Pounds (lbs) to short (US) ton
Pounds (lbs) to tonne (metric ton)
Pounds to stone, lbs to stone

Facts about mass and weight measurement and units

Weight measurement facts 14
Weight measurement facts 57
Weight measurement facts 48
Weight measurement facts 37
Weight measurement facts 5
Weight measurement facts 41
Weight measurement facts 1
Weight measurement facts 13
Weight measurement facts 9
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