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Temperature: Celsius to Kelvin

°C = 273.15 °K

Temperature(C) + 273.15;

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°C to °K temperature conversion table
0 °C = 273.15 °K 10 °C = 283.15 °K 150 °C = 423.15 °K
1 °C = 274.15 °K 20 °C = 293.15 °K 200 °C = 473.15 °K
2 °C = 275.15 °K 30 °C = 303.15 °K 300 °C = 573.15 °K
3 °C = 276.15 °K 40 °C = 313.15 °K 400 °C = 673.15 °K
4 °C = 277.15 °K 50 °C = 323.15 °K 500 °C = 773.15 °K
5 °C = 278.15 °K 60 °C = 333.15 °K 600 °C = 873.15 °K
6 °C = 279.15 °K 70 °C = 343.15 °K 700 °C = 973.15 °K
7 °C = 280.15 °K 80 °C = 353.15 °K 800 °C = 1073.15 °K
8 °C = 281.15 °K 90 °C = 363.15 °K 900 °C = 1173.15 °K
9 °C = 282.15 °K 100 °C = 373.15 °K 1000 °C = 1273.15 °K

Even in ancient times people were wondering about temperature measurement. It was interesting to find out the hottest and the coldest temperature in a year. The hottest temperature is expected to be in the middle of the summer.Temperature can rise to 30 degrees above zero in Celsius.But due to global warming it is difficult to forecast the highest and lowest temperature. People going on holiday are particularly interested in the hottest temperature because the quality of time spent, for example, by the sea depends on the weather. The hottest temperature is different in various parts of the world. The southern part of the world is always hotter than the northern one. The coldest temperature is obviously in winter. But it so greatly differ in various parts of the world. The coldest temperature usually occurs to be in January and February. Undoubtedly,the lowest temperature highly vary even in the same region. Also the direction of the wind makes a huge influence on the hottest and the coldest temperature. It is undeniable that a feeling of hotness and coldness is different for each person.

2017-03-29 11:55:43
The definition of hot and cold could be very simple. The higher the temperature,the hotter you are. The lower the temperature,the colder you are.In reality hot and cold can vary  from person to person. What I mean warm,you might think is hot. For example,two people drink coffee of the same heat but the feeling of the same hot temperature can vary greatly. That depends on your organism ability to feel temperature. We all know that our normal body temperature is about 37degrees in Celsius but when we add some energy its temperature usually increases. Also  stressful situations especially when we are panicking make us feel hotter. And the level of hotness might vary depending on the type of a person,the reaction to the situation. Two people could feel weather changes quite differently.It depends what type of a person you are;hot or cold. Just watch how your body reacts to various everyday occurrences. If you are too hot,you can notice to how you feel. That might be weakness, it is harder to concentrate or you can even lose balance. If you are too cold and your temperature might drop below 35 degrees in Celsius you could have weak pulse, slowed breathing and speech. Let's listen to our body and find ways to cool down if we are overheated. Being too sensitive to cold it may be health problems.  

2017-04-03 10:32:47

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