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Age calculator, how old am i
Date difference calculator, days between dates
Date of birth calculator, birthday calculator
Date to date calculator: add year, day, etc.
Date to timestamp, timestamp to date
Date to weekday, weekday from date
Days (d) to hours (h)
Days (d) to minutes (min)
Days (d) to seconds (sec)
Decade to century to decade
GMT time now, calculator, converter
Hours (hr) to minutes (min)
Hours (hr) to seconds (sec)
Life expectancy timer, calculator
List of leap years and days
Minutes (min) to seconds (sec)
Months (mon) to days (d)
Months (mon) to hours (h)
Months (mon) to minutes (min)
Months (mon) to seconds (sec)
Months (mon) to weeks (w)
Seconds (sec) to microseconds (usec)
Seconds (sec) to milliseconds (msec)
Time zone converter, difference calculator
Weeks (w) to days (d)
Weeks (w) to hours (h)
Weeks (w) to minutes (min)
Weeks (w) to seconds (sec)
Working days in a year, business days
Years (yr) to centuries (C)
Years (yr) to days (d)
Years (yr) to hours (hr)
Years to decades to years
Years to months, months in years
Years to weeks, weeks in a year

Facts about time units and measurement

Time measurement facts 40
Time measurement facts 34
Time measurement facts 21
Time measurement facts 45
Time measurement facts 36
Time measurement facts 30
Time measurement facts 29
Time measurement facts 47
Time measurement facts 11
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