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Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs
Tuberculous  Lamely  Unharness  Hedgeborn  Fuegian  Positive  Stoical  Define  Prison  Domino

Explanation, description, examples of the random words:

1 Tuberculous
Having tubercles; affected with, or characterized by, tubercles; tubercular.
2 Lamely
An a lame, crippled, disabled, or imperfect manner; as, to walk lamely; a figure lamely drawn.
3 Unharness
To strip of harness; to loose from harness or gear; as, to unharness horses or oxen.
To disarm; to divest of armor.
4 Hedgeborn
Born under a hedge; of low birth.
5 Fuegian
Of or pertaining to Terra del Fuego.
A native of Terra del Fuego.
6 Positive
Having a real position, existence, or energy; existing in fact; real; actual; -- opposed to negative.
Derived from an object by itself; not dependent on changing circumstances or relations; absolute; -- opposed to relative; as, the idea of beauty is not positive, but depends on the different tastes individuals.
Definitely laid down; explicitly stated; clearly expressed; -- opposed to implied; as, a positive declaration or promise.
Hence: Not admitting of any doubt, condition, qualification, or discretion; not dependent on circumstances or probabilities; not speculative; compelling assent or obedience; peremptory; indisputable; decisive; as, positive instructions; positive truth; positive proof.
Prescribed by express enactment or institution; settled by arbitrary appointment; said of laws.
Fully assured; confident; certain; sometimes, overconfident; dogmatic; overbearing; -- said of persons.
Having the power of direct action or influence; as, a positive voice in legislation.
Corresponding with the original in respect to the position of lights and shades, instead of having the lights and shades reversed; as, a positive picture.
Hence, basic; metallic; not acid; -- opposed to negative, and said of metals, bases, and basic radicals.
That which is capable of being affirmed; reality.
That which settles by absolute appointment.
The positive degree or form.
A picture in which the lights and shades correspond in position with those of the original, instead of being reversed, as in a negative.
The positive plate of a voltaic or electrolytic cell.
7 Stoical
Of or pertaining to the Stoics; resembling the Stoics or their doctrines.
Not affected by passion; manifesting indifference to pleasure or pain.
8 Define
To fix the bounds of; to bring to a termination; to end.
To determine or clearly exhibit the boundaries of; to mark the limits of; as, to define the extent of a kingdom or country.
To determine with precision; to mark out with distinctness; to ascertain or exhibit clearly; as, the defining power of an optical instrument.
To determine the precise signification of; to fix the meaning of; to describe accurately; to explain; to expound or interpret; as, to define a word, a phrase, or a scientific term.
To determine; to decide.
9 Prison
A place where persons are confined, or restrained of personal liberty; hence, a place or state o/ confinement, restraint, or safe custody.
Specifically, a building for the safe custody or confinement of criminals and others committed by lawful authority.
To imprison; to shut up in, or as in, a prison; to confine; to restrain from liberty.
To bind (together); to enchain.
10 Domino
A kind of hood worn by the canons of a cathedral church; a sort of amice.
A mourning veil formerly worn by women.
A kind of mask; particularly, a half mask worn at masquerades, to conceal the upper part of the face. Dominos were formerly worn by ladies in traveling.
A costume worn as a disguise at masquerades, consisting of a robe with a hood adjustable at pleasure.
A person wearing a domino.
A game played by two or more persons, with twenty-eight pieces of wood, bone, or ivory, of a flat, oblong shape, plain at the back, but on the face divided by a line in the middle, and either left blank or variously dotted after the manner of dice. The game is played by matching the spots or the blank of an unmatched half of a domino already played
One of the pieces with which the game of dominoes is played.
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