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Aramaic word lists

 Ma  Mana Rba Kabira. - "The Great First Mind or Soul" 1004  
 Madna  Rising sign, ascendant 999  
 Mahiana  Life giving savior 1000  
 Malala  Word, speech. Logos 1000  
 Malia  Abundance, fulness 1000  
 Malka, malaka  King, angel, spirit of Power 1000  
 Malkuta  Queendom, territory of a priest 1000  
 Malwasha  The religious name of the Zodiac. "Real" Spiritual name 1000  
 Mama  Mother. Mommy 1000  
 Mambuha, mambuga  The sacramental drink consumed in the Blessed Oblation, the Masiqta and the Masbuta rituals; it can be consecreated river-water or wine of dates and white grapes, served in a bowl from which all celebrants drink from 1000  
 Mamia  Word, sermon 1002  
 Mamitran  Awakener, arouser 1002  
 Mana  Mind, spirit, vessel, entity 1000  
 Manda  Knowledge. The name given to a dwelling, especially to the cult-hut. Equates with Sanskrit "Mandala" 1001  
 Mandai, Mandaya  The name derives from the worship of Manda d Hiia , the Great Life - and are a descriptive term of the general populace of the Mandaean communities ; another name used in arab countries are Subba or Subbi, which means one who "immerses" in Arabian. It can also be translated as Gnostic 1000  
 Mandaic  The Aramaic language used by the modern Mandaeans and ancient Nazoreans. The Eastern dialect of Aramaic Hebrew 1000  
 Mandayuta  Lay Gnostics 1000  
 Mandelta  A triple betyl 1000  
 Manharana, manhirana  Illuminator, enlightener 1000  
 Mapiqta  Departure, death 1001  
 Mar, Mari, Maria  Lord, My Lord 1002  
 Marba  Womb 1000  
 Mardmania  Of the Lord Mani 1000  
 Margna  The Ritual Staff, made of olive-wood. Willow can be substituted. Compare the fire gazzel staff of male Egyptian Neters and the water lotus staff of female Neters 1000  
 Mariam  Mary 1001  
 Markabta  Ship, chariot, heavenly orbs 1000  
 Masbana  Baptizer 1000  
 Masbuta  Baptism 1000  
 Masihta  Measured, annointing 1000  
 Masiqta  The Masiqta , or raising up are primarely celebrated for the recently dead. It is a Requiem Mass. Food are eaten in the name of the dead, and a priest takes his place, as proxy, in the rite 1000  
 Maskna, Mashkna  House of Worship = Manda, Sanctuary 1000  
 Masqana  Means of ascent 1000  
 Maswetta  A Mystical triple Immersion, or baptism, replete with oil anointing and a pihta and water sacramental eucharist 1000  
 Mataraya  Watcher, purgatory dweller 1000  
 Matarta  Purgatory 1000  
 Matrana  Awakener 1000  
 Matu  Mercy 1000  
 Mawkaya  Food dispenser, feeder 1000  
 Mayaya  Fulfiller, fulness 1000  
 Mayirana  Awakener 1000  
 Mazruta  Semen, seed, sowing 1000  
 Mhita  Flaw in ritual or liturgy 1000  
 Mia-Hayya  Water of Life 1001  
 Mika  Soft, mild, meek 1000  
 Mimra  Speech, saying, talk, discourse 1000  
 Mimra dbaira  An iluminating word 1000  
 Mininayya, minunayya, mununayya  Manichaeans 1000  
 Miryai  hypocoristic form of Mariam, Miriam, Maria, Mary. (i.e The Gnostic title & Essene-Nazorean name of Mary Magdalene) 1000  
 Miskina  Poor 1000  
 Misra  A furrow to shut out pollution and enclose purified areas 1000  
 Mitia  Parable 1000  
 Miwia  Wholesome fruits 1000  
 Mrum  Heaven, sky 1000  
 Msadrana  Organizer, reformer, setter in order 1000  
 Msauzbana  Savior, deliverer 1000  
 Mshunia Kustha  The ideal and ethereal double of the Earth, from which man was deported. Paradise 1000  
 Muhr  Mithra as Hibil 1000  
 Mula  Fetus 1000  
 Mumata  Vows, oaths 1000  
 Munayya  A Sect (Manichaeans?) 1000  
 Mura  Authority 1000  
 Murqa  Purging, cleansing 1000  
 Musmana  Moslem 1000  

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Life is obstinate and clings closest where it is most hated.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
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Benji, to his sister, while she was giving him a backrub.
Dieu me pardonnera. C'est son metier. Translation: God will forgive me. It's his job.
Heinrich Heine, dying words