Technologies changed our lives in so many ways through the years. People wanted to make their lives easier, more interesting, they wanted to explore and investigate new parts of the world and even universe, so they worked a lot do design and build new machines that could change many things. The main developments were made in communication and transport systems, lots of discoveries were made with the beginning of space era, space satellites totally changed the way of TV broadcasts and medicine gained a totally new look with the new modern technologies. Also we need to mention weapons that maybe changed most since the old days.


Long time ago it was not that easy to send a message to someone. People had to travel a long distances to give a letter or some other kind of message to another person. People were training birds to bring short messages; they also used smoke and other kind of signs to communicate. Later post office system began working and it became a job to many people to deliver letters, messages or even some packages to directed place. But it still had to take some time for the delivery to arrive. It was so until the electricity was invented and telephone system began working. People became able to communicate when ever they wanted no matter how big distance was between them. Then the television came to the industry and not only sound but moving pictures to became a type of communications and message sending. First Radio an then television became a worldwide type of news telling way. The biggest break in the ways of communication was the creation of home computer.

First computers were probably those “ancient” calculators that were as big as sports arena. It seems funny now but it was not that easy to design this virtual memory device and unique programs to use and control that memory. Till the end of 80’s computers became more little and comfortable. Then a wonderful man known as Bill Gates got his fingers on this device. He was the one that designed MS-DOS operating system that every computer has nowadays. With MS-DOS a new age of computer development has began. A new game industry began and such simple but legendary games like Mario were created. Microsoft Company then designed a new never seen unique operating system called Windows. Then computers got totally on the lose in the shops. Computer games got into a new level of creation. Extra devices like printers, scanners, computer video cameras made home computer even more needed device at home. With the help of computers scientists created a worldwide net, that we call internet nowadays. Today we are able to send any type of data (including music, video datas, programs and messages). The internet became bigger and bigger source of information and the best communication way in the world. Almost every internet user now has his own virtual e-mail box, where he can store lots of messages, or send some letters to another internet user. With special programs we can now chat or speak through microphones in a real time. People can even see the person they are talking with a help of computer video cameras. Internet provides us with the hottest news, weather broadcasts, we can find every needed city, street and even a house with the help of the maps stored on the internet. We can now download newest movies, music, artwork and books, almost every information that we need.

Especially computers changed our lives in many ways, this device made it easier to do lots of work. We can now store huge amount of virtual data in our hard drive, watch videos or listen to the music. With extra devices connected to the computer we can scan copy or print papers, we can write any data to compact discs or flash drives so it won’t be lost. Computer also became a wide used art tool, for example artists design many models with a simple home computer and musicians can create music write notes and much more. Scientists are still working on self thinking virtual mind, so who knows what will we have after another ten or twenty years.

Every communication system is still developing. Telephones became wireless and now we call them mobile phones, that can send text, voice, video and sound messages nowadays. Mobile phones now have video and photo cameras so it’s becoming much easier to capture interesting life moments. Television is becoming digital (with a much better view quality). Internet gets faster and faster, so it’s getting easier and easier to communicate.


Like any other things transport in the old days was a lot different. There were no cars or planes, so people were traveling on foot. Later they domesticated wild horses and even till the end of 19’Th century people used these animals to travel faster. Ships were slow and dependent on weather so even they were not so reliable. In 1885 a first model of Reno car was designed and created in France. Already in 1905 a fully working Ford class factory was running in business. Through the years cars became faster, more economic; artists changed their design many times so they even look pretty. In the late 70’s the fastest car in the world could develop a 600km/h speed and today the fastest car with two turbo reactive engines can reach 1227km/h speed. Cars became so modern, that we can listen to the radio or even watch TV while going somewhere. Many designers are also working with the cars to create new shapes of their look and make them more comfortable, easier to navigate.

In the beginning of 20’Th century the Right Brothers left the ground with their self constructed plane. Then they flew only for a few minutes and only few hundred meters, but it was the beginning of a totally new traveling way. Today the fastest plane can reach an 11000km/h speed. A big system of plane flights is being watched, so that every plane could get to the needed location on time. Pilots don’t even need to look through the windows to see where they are flying; special radars are showing the route with no mistakes. Beginning with a simple Right Brothers plane with two seats, big and heavy engine, planes changed a lot through the years. The biggest break in plane industry was made by Howard Huge, who dedicated most of his life to create faster and more reliable flying machines. He was the person responsible for building the first big passenger plane and he succeeded. The middle speed of passenger plane nowadays is 800km/h.
Ships changed a lot too. Metal ships have stronger corps, so they don’t wreck that often. A special navigating system with radars and communication devices is being uses in ships today. Submarines use even better radars, seismographic devices and other serious equipment to travel underwater, where they don’t see anything. The biggest ships in the world are the oil ships that are as big as six football fields.
Even trains became faster, economic, comfortable and realible. The fastest electric train today can reach a 500km/h speed. Trains are being widely used to transport big amounts of load. Lots of big cities have the underground train systems called metro, that transport people to different parts of city.
Transport ways are getting more and more comfortable, faster and reliable. New car, plane or ship models are being designed right now.     

Space era

It was interesting to leave the ground with a simple plain or flying balloon, but people always wanted to reach higher and higher levels. They were always interested what is there in space, what is there on the Moon. With the creation of turbo reactive engines a new era of flying has begun. In 1957 a first flight to the space was completed. USSR pilot Jury Gagarin left the earth orbit and flew around the world several times in 160 minutes. When USA first heard of this flight made by Russians they thought that they are planning to build a rocket launch base on the Moon, because the Cold War was going on right then. Americans were very terrified by that fact and worked a lot to let their man to space too. Already in 1979 first flight to the moon was made (although many people doubt that a man was ever on the moon). Neil Armstrong became a first man to walk on the Moon and came into history. Then the flying capsule Apollo 11 reached 32000km/h speed – it is still the biggest speed reached by a man. With the space era taking development space stations and lots of satellites were let into earth orbit. New researches of deep space reached higher level. People calculated the years of earth, sun, the years of the solar system, some flights with robots to the Mars were made to discover new facts about this mysterious planet and a lot more.

Space satellites indeed made some great changes in the world. It has become easier to broadcast TV programs in the real time all over the world. Firs worldwide translation was made in 1973 when Elvis Presley player a return to scene concert in Hawaii. More than 1.5 billion people around the world could see the concert and in the United States alone more people watched this concert than mans first landing on the moon. The biggest real time translation how ever was made in 1992 when legendary group Queen played a farewell concert to their dead lead vocalist Freddie Mercury in London’s Wembley Stadium. 72000 people could watch the show in the stadium and more than 2 billion people around the world through the television. It is amazing that so many people in different countries can see such events in a real time, who could thought about it in the past?

Satellites also made it easier to research and discover some new things in space. The biggest telescope on earth in Hawaii (Hable telescope that is) can see a candle light 400.000 kilometers away, but the most modern flying telescope, 169km above earth can see a flashlight beyond 10.000.000 kilometers. New stars and even star systems were found with a help of these telescopes.

In the old days people didn’t new lots of healing ways. They used many types of herbs and other things to heal wounds. People couldn’t understand the cause of some illnesses and so many died. Nowadays we have the most modern technologies that helps us find a problem in humans body and tons of cures to fix it. The creation of such machines as X-Ray gave us a chance to view into ourselves totally different. Of course there are still no cures from all viruses, but medicine made a big step. The new laser technology lets us correct our eye sight, lets us find cancer illness in our body and a lot more. Technologies totally changed the ways of healing ourselves.

War Machines

There were times when people were fighting with sticks and rocks. Later they constructed catapults and some other castle siege machines. But the time has come and weapons began developing very fast. First gunpowder weapons were designed in China, and later they were massively used when conquering South and North America in 16’Th century. No metal armor or a shield could stop a bullet anymore. Cannons were used in cruel ship battles and no castle walls could stop the power of gunpowder blast anymore. With the beginning of 20’Th century gun were better than ever, but than the real break in the war machines industry has begun. The First World War has begun and every country wanted to have better weapons, bombs that could create a bigger blast and other technologies. Tanks came into the game and no horse cavalry could stop this metal machine anymore. It was the 20’Th century when all technologies changed most. Most inventions were made by the time of World War II; everybody needed faster planes, better communication systems, better radars, better weapons and much more to tell. It was then that first prototypes of a plane with a turbo reactive engine were made by Germans. Submarines became not only the transport of discover the deeps of sees, but also very dangerous and hard tracking warships. The most modern submarine by Russians today can track and destroy a target over 9000 kilometers far, who could ever think about it in the old days? The German machinegun in the WWII could shot 600 bullets per minute. Nowadays war helicopters have the computers that can track dangerous targets automatically and easily destroy them with the permission of the pilot, it is truly amazing. Pursuit planes have rockets that can follow targets by changing their flying direction. Tanks can clear the mines with taking no harm to them selves. War machines can now make more harm, track and follow targets automatically; they are faster and more resistant to any damages that can be made by other weapons.

Of course the biggest and most dangerous weapon was constructed by the end of WWII by Americans when Albert Einstein told them the theory of relativity. An Atomic Bomb was constructed and used twice against the human kind in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan). These two tragedies ended the biggest war of all times, but the consequences were truly horrible. Nowadays the most modern atomic bomb can create an explosion 100 times bigger than the one in Hiroshima.
The development of weapons looks really amazing, but actually why do we needed that? What is the point to create technologies that can be used against humankind?


The development of many technologies totally changed our lives. New inventions made life more comfortable, work is easier, faster and safer when machines do all the job while you’re just sitting and pressing buttons. Of course some technologies made a world more dangerous place to live, some inventions were built to help and save, and some to destroy. It only depends in what hands these technologies are.

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