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Society. What is modern and external communication?

Communication is information exchange process between couple or more people using symbolic messages for example gestures, voice, letters and etc. Its’ purpose is to create an understanding between both sides. A word of Latin derivation “Communicatio” in English means message. Humans can not exist without stable contact with the surrounding world. In addition management scientists for many years have been following Nobel Prize laureates Herbert Simons (1978) suggestion: it is essential for organizations to maintain high level of communication within the company and with the consumers.

The purpose of this report is to investigate how important is the External communication in business. A final aim was to look at the factors that are most effective at external communication, which can help to develop company values.


All the sources used for this report were taken from lecture notes other publications on communication that are provided in the reference section and information given on McCains presentation for students about company external and internal communication. At this tutorial all students were introduced step by step with this company external communication dimensions.


Throughout many years of successful growth, family company McCain, became one of the most successful private owned food companies in the United Kingdom. They believe that the one of the main reasons to their success is the perfect external communication which was developed through the years.

External communication is designed to gain attention and give information to the public and promote the organization. Jefkins F. (1994) says that the external communication objective is to handle enquiries about the organization, its products and services. In addition Dyer G. (1992) states that in order to survive, powerful commercial interest must be kept in almost non-stop touch with the mass public and the companies should continually try to persuade them. Everyone will agree that to keep these contacts with the consumers, advertisers use the media of mass external communication:
  • Speak face to face; seminar; presentation;
  • Television, promotions; radio;
  • Telephone; fax;
  • IT; Web-sites;
  • The national and local press and magazines, leaflets, booklets;
  • Advertisement strategy Image: company image, logo, uniforms, pacing strategy, point out product values (powerful word FREE), jingles, social communication, feedback questioner, sponsorships, tasting in supermarkets, trial periods, testers and etc.
These days there is a whole system of mass external communication. Preston G. (1971) argues that the media is in fact not just a part of economy but its servant. However Courtland L. (2005) states that communication is considered effective only when others understand your messages correctly and respond to it the way you want them to.


Speak face to face; seminars; presentations

Nowadays it is quite hard to sell a product or service to the client.
Extremely effective way to advertise services is face to face communication for example seminars and presentations. McCain presentation for the students was a good example of such advertisement. Students realized that face to face communications are still very essential in many organizations for both internal and external communication.

Television, promo; radio

Television is very attractive medium.

Telephone; fax

It can be agreed that telephones are essential in many organizations, for both internal and external communication. According to Adler B. Ronald (2002), telephone lets you contact a customer. In addition telephone has very big advantage for fast communication. For example you can get in touch with someone halfway around the world in less time than it takes to catch an elevator to the next floor.
Faxes are very helpful when a hard copy is required. They have all the characteristics of a written messages for customers, however Courtland L. (2005) states that they lack the privacy of a letter, appear less crisp, even less professional, depending on the quality of the audience’s machine.

IT; Web-sites

New technologies are ruling today’s crowded marketplace. Carmody B. (2001) says that it is important to learn about online promotion tools. These days technologies (advertising on web; E-shop and etc) through challenge for external communication.

The national and local press and magazines

News papers and magazines can provide detailed reports which can be read, re-read. A city newspaper may be only few hours, but many publications survive for long time, and items can be cut out and kept as notes to remind about good product or necessary service. Also it can display important statistic for example travel prices of different companies. However Broadbent Tim (2000) pointed out positive characteristics of press. He explains that selecting the right journals it is possible to reach particular section of the reading public. Newspapers and magazines can be carried and read almost anywhere, for example while travelling.

Advertisement strategy Image

Advertising strategy covers many areas. One of them is advertising company image.
A visual idea can be described as a logo. By merging words and images, advertiser can create articulate messages to engage a viewer or convey information which helps to identify the “product”. Resnick E. (2003) says that the use of symbolism, metaphor or pun can further expand costumer visual vocabulary. It is obvious that almost every one knows how most popular companies like Mercedes-Benz or McDonald’s logos look like. Company logo is one of most important aspects in external communication. For example Baker M. (1999) said that in 1990 the world’s best-know brand (logo) was Coca Cola and this trend to organization image has considerable benefits. How ever company image includes more than a logo, for example Barclays Bank uses the same architecture; interior design through out all their branches and the staff is wearing the same uniform. As well as the use of company logo used in the advertisement, powerful words like “free”, “buy one – get one free” attract many consumers.

The McCain spokesman introduced other external communication strategies. The use of jingle on the television ad or radio makes a huge influence on the consumers’ interest in the product. They are constructed to stay in one’s memory. When people remember the jingle they associate it with the brand or a tasty burger they have seen on the television.

Other great advertising strategy that McCain have been successfully using throughout many years is taking part in social activities and sponsoring local organizations including charities. People seeing a company involved in such activities seem to trust them more and might associate their products with pleasant feelings. A good example of such activities is a world known brewing company Carlsberg which according to only by sponsoring football world cup made a huge influence on their sales rise.

According to Petras ir Pertas gelbeja galaktika (1985) one of the most powerful advertising tricks is to provide the consumers with free testers. Everyone likes free gifts and most people that get free perfume or a pack of chewing gum with their favourite newspaper or magazine will most likely to try the product and associate it with pleasurable feeling. They create such associations not only because they like the product itself but because they got it for free, what is always appreciable.    


External communication plays a major part in developing company values.
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