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1942-11-19  World War II: Battle of Stalingrad – Soviet Union forces under General Georgy Zhukov launch the Operation Uranus counterattacks at Stalingrad, turning the tide of the battle in the USSR's favor.  
1942-06-04  World War II: The Battle of Midway begins. Japanese Admiral Chuichi Nagumo orders a strike on Midway Island by much of the Imperial Japanese navy.  
1942-10-23  World War II: The Battle for Henderson Field begins during the Guadalcanal Campaign and ends on October 26.  
1942-08-15  World War II: Operation Pedestal – The SS Ohio reaches the island of Malta barely afloat carrying vital fuel supplies for the island's defenses.  
1942-06-11  World War II: The United States agrees to send Lend-Lease aid to the Soviet Union.  
1942-02-11  The Battle of Bukit Timah is fought in Singapore during World War II.  
1942-05-08  World War II: Gunners of the Ceylon Garrison Artillery on Horsburgh Island in the Cocos Islands rebel in the Cocos Islands Mutiny. Their mutiny is crushed and three of them are executed, the only British Commonwealth soldiers to be executed for mutiny during the Second World War.  
1942-07-10  Diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and the Soviet Union are established.  
1942-05-22  Mexico enters World War II on the side of the Allies.  
1942-08-21  World War II: Allied forces involved in the Guadalcanal campaign defeated an attack by Imperial Japanese Army soldiers in the Battle of the Tenaru.  
1942-02-15  World War II: The Fall of Singapore. Following an assault by Japanese forces, the British General Arthur Percival surrenders. About 80,000 Indian, United Kingdom and Australian soldiers become prisoners of war, the largest surrender of British-led military personnel in history. The Sook Ching massacre begins.  
1942-10-23  All 12 passengers and crewmen aboard an American Airlines DC-3 airliner are killed when it is struck by a U.S. Army Air Forces bomber near Palm Springs, California. Amongst the victims is award-winning composer and songwriter Ralph Rainger ("Thanks for the Memory", "Love in Bloom", "Blue Hawaii").  
1942-03-26  World War II: In Poland, the first female prisoners arrive at Auschwitz.  
1942-06-08  World War II: Japanese imperial submarines I-21 and I-24 shell the Australian cities of Sydney and Newcastle.  
1942-11-06  World War II: Carlson's patrol during the Guadalcanal Campaign begins.  
1942-05-28  World War II: in retaliation for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, Nazis in Czechoslovakia kill over 1,800 people.  
1942-05-10  World War II: The Thai Phayap Army invades the Shan States during the Burma Campaign.  
1942-10-23  World War II: Second Battle of El Alamein: – At El Alamein in northern Egypt, the British Eighth Army under Field Marshal Montgomery begins a critical offensive to expel the Axis armies from Egypt.  
1942-11-21  The completion of the Alaska Highway (also known as the Alcan Highway) is celebrated (however, the highway is not usable by general vehicles until 1943).  
1942-08-08  World War II: in Washington, DC, six German would-be saboteurs (Operation Pastorius) are executed.  
1942-12-22  World War II: Adolf Hitler signs the order to develop the V-2 rocket as a weapon.  
1942-03-02  World War II: Australia declares war on Thailand.  
1942-11-28  In Boston, Massachusetts, a fire in the Cocoanut Grove nightclub kills 491 people.  
1942-03-05  United States Navy Seabees established.  
1942-11-26  World War II: Yugoslav Partisans convene the first meeting of the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia at Bihać in northwestern Bosnia.  
1942-05-12  World War II: Second Battle of Kharkov: in eastern Ukraine, Red Army forces under Marshal Semyon Timoshenko launch a major offensive from the Izium bridgehead, only to be encircled and destroyed by the troops of Army Group South two weeks later.  
1942-11-08  World War II: Operation Torch – United States and United Kingdom forces land in French North Africa.  
1942-08-30  World War II: Battle of Alam Halfa begins.  
1942-09-07  Holocaust: 8,700 Jews of Kolomyia (western Ukraine) sent by German Gestapo to death camp in Belzec.  
1942-01-20  World War II: At the Wannsee Conference held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee, senior Nazi German officials decided on the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question", accelerating The Holocaust.  
1942-01-25  World War II: Thailand declares war on the United States and United Kingdom.  
1942-07-23  World War II: Operation Edelweiss begins.  
1942-06-22  Erwin Rommel is promoted to Field Marshal after the capture of Tobruk.  
1942-05-22  World War II: Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox enlists in the United States Marine Corps as a flight instructor.  
1942-05-30  World War II: 1000 British bombers launch a 90-minute attack on Cologne, Germany.  
1942-11-10  World War II: Germany invades Vichy France following French Admiral François Darlan's agreement to an armistice with the Allies in North Africa.  
1942-06-26  The first flight of the Grumman F6F Hellcat.  
1942-08-21  World War II: a Nazi flag is installed atop the Mount Elbrus.  
1942-03-16  The first V-2 rocket test launch. It explodes at lift-off.  
1942-07-01  World War II: first Battle of El Alamein.  
1942-03-23  World War II: In the Indian Ocean, Japanese forces capture the Andaman Islands.  
1942-11-15  World War II: First flight of the Heinkel He 219.  
1942-08-16  World War II: The two-person crew of the U.S. naval blimp L-8 disappears without a trace on a routine anti-submarine patrol over the Pacific Ocean. The blimp drifts without her crew and crash-lands in Daly City, California.  
1942-07-06  Anne Frank and her family go into hiding in the "Secret Annexe" above her father's office in an Amsterdam warehouse.  
1942-01-11  World War II: The Japanese capture Kuala Lumpur.  
1942-02-14  Battle of Pasir Panjang contributes to the fall of Singapore.  
1942-05-29  Bing Crosby, the Ken Darby Singers and the John Scott Trotter Orchestra record Irving Berlin's "White Christmas", the best-selling Christmas single in history, for Decca Records in Los Angeles.  
1942-12-12  A fire in a hostel in St. John's, Newfoundland kills 100 people.  
1942-05-15  World War II: in the United States, a bill creating the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) is signed into law.  
1942-11-13  World War II: Naval Battle of Guadalcanal – U.S. and Japanese ships engage in an intense, close-quarters surface naval engagement during the Battle of Guadalcanal.  
1942-01-31  World War II: Allied forces are defeated by the Japanese at the Battle of Malaya and retreat to the island of Singapore.  
1942-03-20  World War II: General Douglas MacArthur, at Terowie, South Australia, makes his famous speech regarding the fall of the Philippines, in which he says: "I came out of Bataan and I shall return".  
1942-05-11  William Faulkner's collections of short stories, Go Down, Moses, is published.  
1942-08-06  Queen Wilhelmina becomes the first reigning queen to address a joint session of the United States Congress.  
1942-11-22  World War II: Battle of Stalingrad – General Friedrich Paulus sends Adolf Hitler a telegram saying that the German 6th army is surrounded.  
1942-08-23  World War II: The last cavalry charge in history takes place at Izbushensky.  
1942-04-23  World War II: Baedeker Blitz – German bombers hit Exeter, Bath and York in retaliation for the British raid on Lübeck.  
1942-05-08  World War II: The Battle of the Coral Sea comes to an end with Japanese Imperial Navy aircraft carrier aircraft attacking and sinking the United States Navy aircraft carrier USS Lexington. The battle marks the first time in the naval history that two enemy fleets fight without visual contact between warring ships.  
1942-09-09  World War II: A Japanese floatplane drops an incendiary bomb on Oregon.  
1942-01-19  World War II: Japanese forces invade Burma  
1942-09-23  World War II: First day of the September Matanikau action on Guadalcanal as United States Marine Corps forces attack Imperial Japanese Army units along the Matanikau River.  
1942-05-06  World War II: On Corregidor, the last American forces in the Philippines surrender to the Japanese.  
1942-12-15  The Battle of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea Horse begins during the Guadalcanal campaign.  
1942-02-10  Japanese submarine bombards Midway Atoll.  
1942-06-21  World War II: A Japanese submarine surfaces near the Columbia River in Oregon, firing 17 shells at nearby Fort Stevens in one of only a handful of attacks by the Japanese against the United States mainland.  
1942-02-22  World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders General Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as the Japanese victory becomes inevitable.  
1942-09-07  First flight of the Consolidated B-32 Dominator.  
1942-08-17  World War II: The U.S. Eighth Air Force begins regular combat operations in Europe with an attack on the marshalling yards at Rouen-Sotteville.  
1942-11-15  World War II: The Battle of Guadalcanal ends in a decisive Allied victory.  
1942-09-10  World War II: The British Army carries out an amphibious landing on Madagascar to re-launch Allied offensive operations in the Madagascar Campaign.  
1942-10-11  World War II: Battle of Cape Esperance – On the northwest coast of Guadalcanal, United States Navy ships intercept and defeat a Japanese fleet on their way to reinforce troops on the island.  
1942-11-08  World War II: French resistance coup in Algiers, in which 400 civilian French patriots neutralize Vichyist XIXth Army Corps after 15 hours of fighting, and arrest several Vichyst generals, allowing the immediate success of Operation Torch in Algiers.  
1942-05-09  Holocaust: The SS murder 588 Jewish residents of the Podolian town of Zinkiv (Khmelnytska oblast, Ukraine). The Zoludek Ghetto is destroyed and all its inhabitants murdered or deported.  
1942-04-18  Pierre Laval becomes Prime Minister of Vichy France.  
1942-04-09  World War II: The Battle of Bataan/Bataan Death March – United States forces surrender on the Bataan Peninsula. The Japanese Navy launches an air raid on Trincomalee in Ceylon (Sri Lanka); Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Hermes and Royal Australian Navy Destroyer HMAS Vampire are sunk off the island's east coast.  
1942-01-13  Henry Ford patents a plastic automobile, which is 30% lighter than a regular car.  
1942-11-03  World War II: Second Battle of El Alamein ends – German forces under Erwin Rommel are forced to retreat during the night.  
1942-03-18  The War Relocation Authority is established in the United States to take Japanese Americans into custody.  
1942-11-05  The Second Battle of El Alamein is won by the British in El Alamein, Egypt.  
1942-10-01  USS Grouper torpedoes Lisbon Maru not knowing she is carrying British PoWs from Hong Kong  
1942-09-21  On the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Nazis send over 1,000 Jews of Pidhaytsi (west Ukraine) to Belzec extermination camp.  
1942-02-19  World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the executive order 9066, allowing the United States military to relocate Japanese-Americans to Japanese internment camps.  
1942-08-08  The Quit India resolution is passed by the Bombay session of the AICC, leading to the start of a civil disobedience movement across India.  
1942-06-06  World War II: Battle of Midway. U.S. Navy dive bombers sink the Japanese cruiser Mikuma and four Japanese carriers.  
1942-01-01  The Declaration by the United Nations is signed by twenty-six nations.  
1942-10-12  World War II: Japanese ships retreat after their defeat in the Battle of Cape Esperance with the Japanese commander, Aritomo Gotō dying from wounds suffered in the battle and two Japanese destroyers sunk by Allied air attack.  
1942-09-13  World War II: Second day of the Battle of Edson's Ridge in the Guadalcanal campaign. U.S. Marines successfully defeated attacks by the Imperial Japanese Army with heavy losses for the Japanese forces.  
1942-10-10  The Soviet Union establishes diplomatic relations with Australia.  
1942-01-07  World War II: The siege of the Bataan Peninsula begins.  
1942-05-07  During the Battle of the Coral Sea, United States Navy aircraft carrier aircraft attack and sink the Japanese Imperial Navy light aircraft carrier Shōhō. The battle marks the first time in the naval history that two enemy fleets fight without visual contact between warring ships.  
1942-05-26  World War II: The Battle of Bir Hakeim takes place.  
1942-04-17  French prisoner of war General Henri Giraud escapes from his castle prison in Festung Königstein.  
1942-02-09  Year-round Daylight saving time is re-instated in the United States as a wartime measure to help conserve energy resources.  
1942-05-22  The Steel Workers Organizing Committee disbands, and a new trade union, the United Steelworkers, is formed.  
1942-02-01  World War II: Josef Terboven, Reichskommissar of German-occupied Norway, appoints Vidkun Quisling the Minister President of the National Government.  
1942-06-13  The United States establish the Office of Strategic Services.  
1942-09-25  World War II: Swiss Police Instruction of September 25, 1942 – this instruction denied entry into Switzerland to Jewish refugees.  
1942-06-05  World War II: United States declares war on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.  
1942-03-03  World War II: Ten Japanese warplanes raid the town of Broome, Western Australia killing more than 100 people.  
1942-02-19  World War II: nearly 250 Japanese warplanes attack the northern Australian city of Darwin killing 243 people.  
1942-06-10  World War II: Nazis burn the Czech village of Lidice in reprisal for the killing of Reinhard Heydrich.  
1942-09-03  World War II: In response to news of its coming liquidation, Dov Lopatyn leads an uprising in the Lakhva Ghetto.  
1942-02-20  Lieutenant Edward O'Hare becomes America's first World War II flying ace.  
1942-09-18  The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is authorized.  
1942-09-12  World War II: First day of the Battle of Edson's Ridge during the Guadalcanal campaign. U.S. Marines protecting Henderson Field on Guadalcanal are attacked by Imperial Japanese Army forces.  
1942-09-21  In Dunaivtsi, Ukraine, Nazis murder 2,588 Jews.  
1942-01-26  World War II: The first United States forces arrive in Europe landing in Northern Ireland.  
1942-08-25  World War II: second day of the Battle of the Eastern Solomons. A Japanese naval transport convoy headed towards Guadalcanal is turned-back by an Allied air attack, losing one destroyer and one transport sunk, and one light cruiser heavily damaged.  
1942-09-21  In Poland, at the end of Yom Kippur, Germans order Jews to permanently evacuate Konstantynów and move to the Ghetto in Biała Podlaska, established to assemble Jews from seven nearby towns, including Janów Podlaski, Rossosz and Terespol.  
1942-06-07  World War II: Japanese soldiers occupy the American islands of Attu and Kiska, in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska.  
1942-09-15  World War II: U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Wasp is torpedoed at Guadalcanal.  
1942-06-07  World War II: The Battle of Midway ends.  
1942-07-18  World War II: the Germans test fly the Messerschmitt Me-262 using only its jet engines for the first time.  
1942-01-02  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) convicts 33 members of a German spy ring headed by Fritz Joubert Duquesne in the largest espionage case in United States history—the Duquesne Spy Ring  
1942-04-19  World War II: In Poland, the Majdan-Tatarski ghetto is established, situated between the Lublin Ghetto and a Majdanek subcamp.  
1942-08-22  World War II: Brazil declares war on Germany and Italy.  
1942-06-12  Holocaust: Anne Frank receives a diary for her thirteenth birthday.  
1942-03-11  World War II: General Douglas MacArthur abandons Corregidor.  
1942-12-24  World War II: French monarchist, Fernand Bonnier de La Chapelle, assassinates Vichy French Admiral François Darlan in Algiers.  
1942-03-17  Holocaust: The first Jews from the Lviv Ghetto are gassed at the Belzec death camp in what is today eastern Poland.  
1942-09-27  Last day of the September Matanikau action on Guadalcanal as United States Marine Corps troops barely escape after being surrounded by Japanese forces near the Matanikau River.  
1942-11-03  World War II: The Koli Point action begins during the Guadalcanal Campaign and ends on November 12.  
1942-03-28  World War II: In occupied France, British naval forces raid the German-occupied port of St. Nazaire.  
1942-11-04  World War II: Second Battle of El Alamein – Disobeying a direct order by Adolf Hitler, General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel leads his forces on a five-month retreat.  
1942-08-11  Actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil receive a patent for a frequency hopping, spread spectrum communication system that later became the basis for modern technologies in wireless telephones and Wi-Fi.  
1942-01-06  Pan American Airlines becomes the first commercial airline to schedule a flight around the world.  
1942-08-19  World War II: Operation Jubilee – the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division leads an amphibious assault by allied forces on Dieppe, France and fails, many Canadians are killed or captured. The operation was doomed to fail, and was intended to develop and try new amphibious landing tactics for the coming full invasion in Normandy.  
1942-08-25  World War II: Battle of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea.  
1942-10-09  Statute of Westminster 1931 formalises Australian autonomy.  
1942-11-01  Matanikau Offensive begins during the Guadalcanal Campaign and ends on November 4.  
1942-10-09  The last day of the October Matanikau action on Guadalcanal as United States Marine Corps forces withdraw back across the Matanikau River after destroying most of the Imperial Japanese Army's 4th Infantry Regiment.  
1942-03-08  World War II: The Dutch surrender to Japanese forces on Java.  
1942-05-27  World War II: In Operation Anthropoid, Reinhard Heydrich is assassinated in Prague.  
1942-11-27  World War II: At Toulon, the French navy scuttles its ships and submarines to keep them out of Nazi hands.  
1942-07-17  World War II: The Battle of Stalingrad commences in modern-day Volgograd.  
1942-01-11  World War II: Japan declares war on the Netherlands and invades the Netherlands East Indies.  
1942-04-05  World War II: The Japanese Navy attacks Colombo in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Royal Navy cruisers HMS Cornwall and HMS Dorsetshire are sunk southwest of the island.  
1942-12-04  World War II: Carlson's patrol during the Guadalcanal Campaign ends.  
1942-01-24  World War II: The Allies bombard Bangkok, leading Thailand to the decision of war declaration against the United States and United Kingdom .  
1942-05-12  Holocaust: 1,500 Jews are sent to gas chambers in Auschwitz.  
1942-09-12  World War II: RMS Laconia, carrying civilians, Allied soldiers and Italian POWs is torpedoed off the coast of West Africa and sinks with a heavy loss of life.  
1942-09-05  World War II: Japanese high command orders withdrawal at Milne Bay, first Japanese defeat in the Pacific War.  
1942-07-01  The Australian Federal Government becomes the sole collector of Income Tax in Australia as the State Income Tax is abolished.  
1942-04-08  World War II: The Japanese take Bataan in the Philippines.  
1942-12-16  Holocaust: Porajmos – Heinrich Himmler orders that Roma candidates for extermination be deported to Auschwitz.  
1942-07-19  World War II: Battle of the Atlantic – German Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz orders the last U-boats to withdraw from their United States Atlantic coast positions in response to the effective American convoy system.  
1942-07-28  World War II: Soviet leader Joseph Stalin issues Order No. 227 in response to alarming German advances into the Soviet Union. Under the order all those who retreat or otherwise leave their positions without orders to do so were to be immediately executed.  
1942-08-26  Holocaust in Chortkiv, western Ukraine: At 2.30 am the German Schutzpolizei starts driving Jews out of their houses, divides them into groups of 120, packs them in freight cars and deports 2000 to Belzec death camp. 500 of the sick and children murdered on the spot.  
1942-10-28  The Alaska Highway (Alcan Highway) is completed through Canada to Fairbanks, Alaska.  
1942-04-18  World War II: The Doolittle Raid on Japan. Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe and Nagoya bombed.  
1942-02-06  World War II: The United Kingdom declares war on Thailand.  
1942-12-27  The Union of Pioneers of Yugoslavia is founded.  
1942-04-08  World War II: Siege of Leningrad – Soviet forces open a much-needed railway link to Leningrad.  
1942-06-21  World War II: Tobruk falls to Italian and German forces.  
1942-07-22  The United States government begins compulsory civilian gasoline rationing due to the wartime demands.  
1942-03-14  Orvan Hess and John Bumstead became the first in the world to successfully treat a patient, Anne Miller, using penicillin.  
1942-09-20  Holocaust in Letychiv, Ukraine. In the course of two days German SS murders at least 3,000 Jews.  
1942-08-23  World War II: Beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad.  
1942-04-21  World War II: The most famous (and first international) Aggie Muster is held on the Philippine island of Corregidor, by Brigadier General George F. Moore (with 25 fellow Texas A&M graduates who are under his command), while 1.8 million pounds of shells pounded the island over a 5 hour attack.  
1942-01-13  World War II: First use of aircraft ejection seat by a German test pilot in a Heinkel He 280 jet fighter.  
1942-10-29  Holocaust: In the United Kingdom, leading clergymen and political figures hold a public meeting to register outrage over Nazi Germany's persecution of Jews.  
1942-12-02  Manhattan Project: A team led by Enrico Fermi initiates the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.  
1942-04-15  The George Cross is awarded to "to the island fortress of Malta – its people and defenders" by King George VI.  
1942-07-25  Norwegian Manifesto calls for nonviolent resistance to the Nazis.  
1942-06-01  World War II: the Warsaw paper Liberty Brigade publishes the first news of the concentration camps.  
1942-08-09  Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi is arrested in Bombay by British forces, launching the Quit India Movement.  
1942-06-14  Anne Frank begins to keep a diary.  
1942-06-13  The United States opens its Office of War Information.  
1942-10-07  World War II: The October Matanikau action on Guadalcanal begins as United States Marine Corps forces attack Imperial Japanese Army units along the Matanikau River.  
1942-07-22  Holocaust: the systematic deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto begins.  
1942-03-29  The Bombing of Lübeck in World War II is the first major success for the RAF Bomber Command against Germany and a German city.  
1942-10-03  Spaceflight: The first successful launch of a V-2 /A4-rocket from Test Stand VII at Peenemünde, Germany. It is the first man-made object to reach space.  
1942-09-19  Holocaust in Brody, western Ukraine: About 2,500 Brody Jews are deported by the German Gestapo to the extermination camp in Belzec.  
1942-11-30  World War II: Guadalcanal Campaign: Battle of Tassafaronga — A smaller squadron of Japanese destroyers led by Raizo Tanaka defeats a US cruiser force under Carleton H. Wright.  
1942-08-24  World War II: The Battle of the Eastern Solomons. Japanese aircraft carrier Ryūjō is sunk and US carrier Enterprise heavily damaged.  
1942-06-23  World War II: the first selections for the gas chamber at Auschwitz take place on a train full of Jews from Paris.  
1942-04-03  World War II: Japanese forces begin an assault on the United States and Filipino troops on the Bataan Peninsula.  
1942-05-31  World War II: Imperial Japanese Navy midget submarines begin a series of attacks on Sydney, Australia.  
1942-11-11  World War II: Nazi Germany completes its occupation of France.  
1942-12-20  World War II: Bombing of Calcutta by the Japanese.  
1942-10-01  First flight of the Bell XP-59 "Aircomet".  
1942-03-31  World War II: Japanese forces invade Christmas Island, then a British possession.  
1942-02-28  The heavy cruiser USS Houston (CA-30) is sunk in the Battle of Sunda Strait with 693 crew members killed, along with HMAS Perth (D29) which lost 375 men.  
1942-07-23  The Holocaust: the Treblinka extermination camp is opened.  
1942-02-09  World War II: Top United States military leaders hold their first formal meeting to discuss American military strategy in the war.  
1942-01-16  Crash of TWA Flight 3, killing all 22 aboard, including film star Carole Lombard.  
1942-08-09  World War II: Battle of Savo Island – Allied naval forces protecting their amphibious forces during the initial stages of the Battle of Guadalcanal are surprised and defeated by an Imperial Japanese Navy cruiser force.  
1942-07-16  Holocaust: Vel' d'Hiv Roundup (Rafle du Vel' d'Hiv): the government of Vichy France orders the mass arrest of 13,152 Jews who are held at the Winter Velodrome in Paris before deportation to Auschwitz.  
1942-10-26  World War II: In the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands during the Guadalcanal Campaign, one U.S. aircraft carrier, Hornet, is sunk and another aircraft carrier, Enterprise, is heavily damaged.  
1942-01-02  World War II: Manila is captured by Japanese forces  
1942-08-07  World War II: the Battle of Guadalcanal begins – United States Marines initiate the first American offensive of the war with landings on Guadalcanal and Tulagi in the Solomon Islands.  
1942-05-03  World War II: Japanese naval troops invade Tulagi Island in the Solomon Islands during the first part of Operation Mo that results in the Battle of the Coral Sea between Japanese forces and forces from the United States and Australia.  
1942-09-21  The B-29 Superfortress makes its maiden flight.  
1942-06-23  World War II: Germany's latest fighter, a Focke-Wulf FW190, is captured intact when it mistakenly lands at RAF Pembrey in Wales.  
1942-02-27  World War II: During the Battle of the Java Sea, an allied strike force is defeated by a Japanese task force in the Java Sea in the Dutch East Indies  
1942-02-24  Battle of Los Angeles: a UFO flying over wartime Los Angeles causes a blackout order at 2:25 a.m. and attracts a barrage of anti-aircraft fire, ultimately killing 3 civilians.  
1942-03-22  World War II: In the Mediterranean Sea, the Royal Navy confronts Italy's Regia Marina in the Second Battle of Sirte.  
1942-11-12  World War II: The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal between Japanese and American forces begins near Guadalcanal. The battle lasts for three days.  
1942-08-17  U.S. Marines raid the Japanese-held Pacific island of Makin (Butaritari).  
1942-12-04  Holocaust: In Warsaw, Zofia Kossak-Szczucka and Wanda Krahelska-Filipowicz set up the Żegota organization.  
1942-05-04  World War II: The Battle of the Coral Sea begins with an attack by aircraft from the United States aircraft carrier Yorktown on Japanese naval forces at Tulagi Island in the Solomon Islands. The Japanese forces had invaded Tulagi the day before.  
1942-07-20  World War II: The first unit of the Women's Army Corps begins training in Des Moines, Iowa.  
1942-01-12  World War II: President Franklin Roosevelt creates the National War Labor Board.  

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And new Philosophy calls all in doubt, the element of fire is quite put out; the Sun is lost, and the earth, and no mans wit can well direct him where to look for it.
John Donne
If they have something they want to discuss, we would be happy to learn more about what they are offering.
Steve Langdon