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Latin word lists

 va INTERJ   [DXXCO]  Ha!/oh!/ah!; (exclamation of pain/dismay, of contempt/anger, of surprise/joy);   1000    
 vacatio, vacationis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  freedom, exemption; privilege;   1000    
 vacca, vaccae N (1st) F   [XAXCO]  cow;   1000    
 vaccinatio, vaccinationis N (3rd) F   [GBXEK]  vaccination;   1000    
 vaccinium, vaccini(i) N (2nd) N   [XXXDX]  blueberry, whortleberry;   1000    
 vaccinium, vaccinii N (2nd) N   [GAXEK]  huckleberry;   1000    
 vaccinum, vaccini N (2nd) N   [GBXEK]  vaccine; (from a cow/vacca);   1000    
 vaccinus, vaccina, vaccinum ADJ   [XAXEO]  cow-; of/derived from a cow;   1000    
 vaccula, vacculae N (1st) F   [XAXDO]  young cow; heifer; small cow (L+S);   1000    
 vacefio, vaceferi, vacefactus sum V SEMIDEP   [XXXFO]  become/be made empty; be vacated;   1000    
 vacerra, vacerrae N (1st) F   [XXXCO]  wooden post/stake; fence post; rail fence; log, block; blockhead; dumb as post;   1000    
 vacerrosus, vacerrosa, vacerrosum ADJ   [XXXDX]  crack brained (term of abuse used by Augustus), demented, mad, crazy;   1000    
 vacillo, vacillare, vacillavi, vacillatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  stagger, totter; be in a weak condition;   1000    
 vacive ADV   [BXXES]  leisurely;   1000    
 vacivus, vaciva, vacivum ADJ   [BXXES]  empty; void;   1000    
 vaco, vacare, vacavi, vacatus V (1st)   [XXXAX]  be empty; be vacant; be idle; be free from, be unoccupied;   1000    
 vacuefacio, vacuefacere, vacuefeci, vacuefactus V (3rd) TRANS   [XXXCO]  empty/free/clear place); make room; make vacant; disencumber; abolish (L+S);   1000    
 vacuitas, vacuitatis N (3rd) F   [XXXCS]  vacancy, empty space; absence of, freedom/exemption from; leisure, indolence;   1000    
 vacuo, vacuare, vacuavi, vacuatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  empty;   1000    
 vacuus, vacua, vacuum ADJ   [XXXBX]  empty, vacant, unoccupied; devoid of, free of;   1000    
 vadimonium, vadimoni(i) N (2nd) N   [XXXDX]  bail, security, surety;   1000    
 vadio, vadiare, -, vadiatus V (1st)   [FLXFJ]  fight (a duel);   1000    
 vadio, vadiare, vadiavi, vadiatus V (1st)   [FLXFY]  pledge (to meet debt);   1000    
 vado, vadare, -, - V (1st)   [XXXDX]  ford;   1000    
 vado, vadere, vasi, - V (3rd)   [XXXBX]  go, advance, rush, hurry; walk;   1000    
 vador, vadari, vadatus sum V (1st) DEP   [XXXDX]  accept sureties from (the other party) for his appearance in court;   1000    
 vadosus, vadosa, vadosum ADJ   [XXXDX]  full of shallows;   1000    
 vadum, vadi N (2nd) N   [XXXBX]  shallow place, stream; ford, shoal; channel;   1000    
 vae INTERJ   [XXXBX]  alas, woe, ah; oh dear; (Vae, puto deus fio. - Vespasian); Bah!, Curses!;   1000    
 vaenum, vaeni N (2nd) N   [DXXES]  sale, purchase; (only sg. ACC/DAT w/dare); [venum dare => put up for sale];   1000    
 vafer, vafra, vafrum ADJ   [XXXDX]  sly, cunning, crafty;   1000    
 vaflum, vafli N (2nd) N   [GXXEK]  waffle;   1000    
 vaframentum, vaframenti N (2nd) N   [XXXEO]  trick, crafty/clever device/stratagem; quirk; artifice;   1000    
 vagabundus, vagabunda, vagabundum ADJ   [XXXDS]  strolling about; vagabond; roving/wandering;   1000    
 vage ADV   [XXXDX]  so as to move in different directions over a wide area;   1000    
 vagina, vaginae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  sheath, scabbard;   1000    
 vagio, vagire, vagivi, - V (4th)   [XXXDX]  utter cries of distress, wail, squall;   1000    
 vagitus, vagitus N (4th) M   [XXXDX]  crying;   1000    
 vagor, vagari, vagatus sum V (1st) DEP   [XXXBX]  wander, roam;   1000    
 vagus, vaga, vagum ADJ   [XXXDX]  roving, wandering;   1000    
 vah INTERJ   [XXXCO]  Ha!/oh!/ah!; (exclamation of pain/dismay, of contempt/anger, of surprise/joy);   1000    
 vaha INTERJ   [BXXCO]  Ha!/oh!/ah!; (exclamation of pain/dismay, of contempt/anger, of surprise/joy);   1000    
 valde, valdius, valdissime ADV   [XXXBO]  greatly/very/intensely; vigorously/strongly/powerfully/energetically; loudly;   1000    
 valedico, valedicere, valedixi, valedictus V (3rd) INTRANS   [XXXFO]  say goodbye;   1000    
 valefacio, valefacere, valefeci, valefactus V (3rd) INTRANS   [XXXFO]  say goodbye;   1000    
 valens, valentis (gen.), valentior -or -us, valentissimus -a -um ADJ   [XXXAO]  strong; vigorous/healthy/robust; powerful/potent/effective; severe; influential;   1000    
 Valens, Valentis N (3rd) M   [ELIDS]  Valens; (Emperor Flavius Julius Valens 364-378 lost at Adrianople);   1000    
 valenter, valentius, valentissime ADV   [XXXCO]  strongly/forcefully/powerfully/vigorously/sturdily; w/vigor of action/language;   1000    
 Valentinianus, Valentiniani N (2nd) M   [ELIDZ]  Valentinian; (Emperor Flavius Valentinian I 364-375; II 375-392);   1000    
 valentulus, valentula, valentulum ADJ   [XXXDS]  strong, stout;   1000    
 valeo, valere, valui, valitus V (2nd)   [XXXAX]  be strong/powerful/influential/healthy; prevail; [vale => goodbye/farewell];   1000    
 valeriana, valerianae N (1st) F   [GXXEK]  valerian, herbaceous plant of genus Valeriana; sedative drug from its root;   1000    
 valerianella, valerianellae N (1st) F   [GXXEK]  chew;   1000    
 Valerianus, Valeriani N (2nd) M   [DLIDZ]  Valerian; (Emperor Publius Licinius Valerian 253-260);   1000    
 Valerius, Valeri N (2nd) M   [XXXDX]  Valerius; (Roman gens name); P. Valerius Publicola, very early consul (509 BC);   1000    
 Valerius, Valeria, Valerium ADJ   [XXXDX]  of Valerius, Roman gens; P. V. Publicola, one of the first consuls (509 BC);   1000    
 valesco, valescere, -, - V (3rd)   [XXXDX]  become sound in health; become powerful;   1000    
 valet, valere, -, - V (2nd) IMPERS   [XXXDX]  farewell, goodbye, adieu (the Roman equivalent of "Live long and prosper");   1000    
 valetudinarium, valetudinari(i) N (2nd) N   [XXXDX]  hospital, infirmary, sickroom;   1000    
 valetudinarium, valetudinarii N (2nd) N   [GXXEK]  hospital;   1000    
 valetudo, valetudinis N (3rd) F   [XXXBX]  good health, soundness; condition of body/health; illness, indisposition;   1000    
 valgus, valga, valgum ADJ   [XBXEO]  knock-kneed, having legs converging at the knee and diverging below;   1000    
 validus, valida, validum ADJ   [XXXAX]  strong, powerful; valid;   1000    
 valitudo, valitudinis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  good health, soundness; condition of body/health; illness, indisposition;   1000    
 vallaris, vallaris N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  crown/garland awarded to first soldier to scale an enemy rampart (vallum);   1000    
 vallaris, vallaris, vallare ADJ   [XXXDX]  of a rampart/corona; of the first soldier to scale an enemy rampart (vallum);   1000    
 valles, vallis N (3rd) F   [XXXBX]  valley, vale, hollow;   1000    
 vallis, vallis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  valley, vale, hollow;   1000    
 vallo, vallare, vallavi, vallatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  surround/fortify/furnish (camp, etc) with a palisaded rampart;   1000    
 vallum, valli N (2nd) N   [XXXBX]  wall, rampart; entrenchment, line of palisades, stakes;   1000    
 vallus, valli N (2nd) M   [XXXDX]  stake, palisade, point, post, pole;   1000    
 valor, valoris N (3rd) M   [GXXEK]  economic value; moral value;   1000    
 valorosus, valorosa, valorosum ADJ   [GXXEK]  brave; valorous;   1000    
 valva, valvae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  double or folding door (usu. pl.), one leaf of the doors;   1000    
 vanesco, vanescere, -, - V (3rd)   [XXXDX]  vanish, fade, disappear;   1000    
 vanidicus, vanidica, vanidicum ADJ   [XXXFS]  vain-speaking;   1000    
 vanidicus, vanidici N (2nd) M   [XXXFS]  liar;   1000    
 vanilla, vanillae N (1st) F   [GXXEK]  vanilla;   1000    
 vanilleus, vanillea, vanilleum ADJ   [GXXEK]  vanilla-flavored;   1000    
 vaniloquentia, vaniloquentiae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  idle talk, chatter; boastful speech;   1000    
 vaniloquor, vaniloqui, vanilocutus sum V (3rd) DEP   [XXXDX]  talk idly;   1000    
 vaniloquus, vaniloqua, vaniloquum ADJ   [XXXEC]  lying; boastful;   1000    
 vanitas, vanitatis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  emptiness, untruthfulness; futility, foolishness, empty pride;   1000    
 vannus, vanni N (2nd) M   [XXXDX]  winnowing basket;   1000    
 vanus, vana, vanum ADJ   [XXXBX]  empty, vain; false, untrustworthy;   1000    
 vapide ADV   [XXXFO]  in a flat/vapid manner; [vapide se habere => be poorly - Augustus];   1000    
 vapidus, vapida, vapidum ADJ   [XXXDO]  flat, vapid; that has lost its freshness (of wine);   1000    
 vapor, vaporis N (3rd) M   [XXXBO]  steam/vapor; exhalation; heat/warmth (of sun); fever, body heat; excited state;   1000    
 vaporarium, vaporari(i) N (2nd) N   [XTXES]  room for circulating steam heating bath suite; steam-pipe (for baths L+S);   1000    
 vaporarius, vaporaria, vaporarium ADJ   [GXXEK]  steam-powered;   1000    
 vaporo, vaporare, vaporavi, vaporatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  cover or fill with vapor; heat, warm; be hot;   1000    
 vappa, vappae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  flat wine, wine that has gone flat;   1000    
 vappa, vappae N (1st) M   [XXXDX]  worthless person; good-for-nothing;   1000    
 vapulatio, vapulationis N (3rd) F   [FXXEM]  flogging; threshing;   1000    
 vapulator, vapulatoris N (3rd) M   [FXXEM]  flogger; thresher;   1000    
 vapulo, vapulare, vapulavi, vapulatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  be beaten;   1000    
 vapulus, vapula, vapulum ADJ   [FXXEN]  flogged, beaten; knocked about;   1000    
 variabilis, variabilis, variabile ADJ   [DXXES]  variable, changeable;   1000    
 variantia, variantiae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  diversity, variety;   1000    
 varianus, variana, varianum ADJ   [XXXFS]  diverse-colored; variegated (Pliny); of Varus;   1000    

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