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Latin word lists

 N., abb. N M   [XXXDX]  Numerius (Roman praenomen); (abb. N./Num.);   1000    
 nable, nablis N (3rd) N   [XXXFO]  psaltery; (pl. 10/12 stringed instrument w/sounding board behind strings OED);   1000    
 nablium, nablii N (2nd) N   [XXXFS]  psaltery; (10/12 stringed instrument w/sounding board behind strings OED);   1000    
 nablum, nabli N (2nd) N   [XXXES]  psaltery; (10/12 stringed instrument w/sounding board behind strings OED);   1000    
 nadir, undeclined N N   [GXXEK]  nadir;   1000    
 nae ADV   [XXXEO]  truly, indeed, verily, assuredly; (particle of assurance); (w/personal PRON);   1000    
 naevus, naevi N (2nd) M   [XXXDX]  mole (on the body); birthmark;   1000    
 Naias, Naiados/is N F   [XXXDX]  Naiad; water nymph; nymph;   1000    
 Nais, Naidos/is N F   [XXXDX]  Naiad; water nymph; nymph;   1000    
 nam CONJ   [XXXAX]  for, on the other hand; for instance;   1000    
 namque CONJ   [XXXAX]  for and in fact, on the other hand; insomuch as (strengthened nam);   1000    
 nanciscor, nancisci, nactus sum V (3rd) DEP   [XXXDX]  obtain, get; find, meet with, receive, stumble on, light on;   1000    
 nanciscor, nancisci, nanctus sum V (3rd) DEP   [XXXBX]  obtain, get; find, meet with, receive, stumble on, light on;   1000    
 nanus, nani N (2nd) M   [XXXEC]  dwarf;   1000    
 naphtha, naphthae N (1st) F   [XSXES]  naphtha; flammable/volitile petro-liquid;   1000    
 naptha, napthae N (1st) F   [EXXFW]  naphtha; (Vulgate Prayer of Azariah 1:23); flammable/volitile petro-liquid;   1000    
 narcissinus, narcissina, narcissinum ADJ   [XAXFO]  of the narcissus (flower);   1000    
 narcissismus, narcissismi N (2nd) M   [GXXEK]  narcissism;   1000    
 narcissus, narcissi N (2nd) M   [XAXEO]  narcissus (flower); son of Cephisus and Liriope; rich freedman of Claudius;   1000    
 narcomania, narcomaniae N (1st) F   [GXXEK]  addiction;   1000    
 narcoticus, narcotica, narcoticum ADJ   [GXXEK]  narcotic;   1000    
 nardifer, nardifera, nardiferum ADJ   [XXXFO]  producing/bearing nard (an aromatic plant);   1000    
 nardinum, nardini N (2nd) N   [XXXEO]  wine flavored with nard (an aromatic plant);   1000    
 nardinus, nardina, nardinum ADJ   [XXXEO]  of/pertaining to nard (an aromatic plant); resembling/smelling like nard; nard-;   1000    
 nardum, nardi N (2nd) N   [XXXCO]  unguent/balsam/oil of nard (an aromatic plant); the plant nard;   1000    
 nardus, nardi N (2nd) F   [XXXCO]  unguent/balsam/oil of nard (an aromatic plant); the plant nard;   1000    
 naris, naris N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  nostril; nose (pl.);   1000    
 narrabilis, narrabilis, narrabile ADJ   [XXXDX]  that can be narrated;   1000    
 narratio, narrationis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  narrative, story;   1000    
 narratiuncula, narratiunculae N (1st) F   [XXXEC]  short narrative;   1000    
 narratus, narratus N (4th) M   [XXXDX]  narrative, story;   1000    
 narro, narrare, narravi, narratus V (1st)   [XXXAX]  tell, tell about, relate, narrate, recount, describe;   1000    
 narta, nartae N (1st) F   [GXXEK]  ski (instrument);   1000    
 nartatio, nartationis N (3rd) F   [GXXEK]  skiing (sport);   1000    
 nartator, nartatoris N (3rd) M   [GXXEK]  skier;   1000    
 nartatorius, nartatoria, nartatorium ADJ   [GXXEK]  skiing;   1000    
 narthecium, narthecii N (2nd) N   [XXXEC]  box for perfumes and medicines;   1000    
 narto, nartare, nartavi, nartatus V (1st)   [GXXEK]  ski;   1000    
 nasalizatio, nasalizationis N (3rd) F   [GXXEK]  nasalization;   1000    
 nasciturus, nascitura, nasciturum ADJ   [XXXES]  about to be born/come into being; should be born/rise; (FUT ACTIVE PPL nascor);   1000    
 nascor, nasci, natus sum V (3rd) DEP   [XXXAO]  be produced spontaneously, come into existence/being; spring forth, grow; live;   1000    
 nassa, nassae N (1st) F   [XAXEC]  basket for catching fish; a trap, snare;   1000    
 nassiterna, nassiternae N (1st) F   [FXXEK]  watering-can;   1000    
 nasturcium, nasturcii N (2nd) N   [XAXEC]  kind of cress;   1000    
 nasus, nasi N (2nd) M   [XBXBX]  nose; sense of smelling;   1000    
 nasutus, nasuta, nasutum ADJ   [XXXDX]  having long nose;   1000    
 nata, natae N (1st) F   [XXXCO]  daughter; child;   1000    
 natalicium, natalicii N (2nd) N   [XXXEC]  birthday party (pl.);   1000    
 natalicius, natalicia, natalicium ADJ   [XXXEC]  relating to birth;   1000    
 natalis, natalis N (3rd) M   [XXXBO]  birthday/anniversary; date of birth/founding/manufacture/origin; birthplace;   1000    
 natalis, natalis, natale ADJ   [XXXBX]  natal, of birth;   1000    
 natatilis, natatilis N (3rd) M   [XAXES]  swimming creature;   1000    
 natatilis, natatilis, natatile ADJ   [EXXES]  that can swim; swimmable;   1000    
 natator, natatoris N (3rd) M   [XXXDX]  swimmer;   1000    
 natatus, natatus N (4th) M   [EXXFS]  swimming;   1000    
 natio, nationis N (3rd) F   [XXXBX]  nation, people; birth; race, class, set; gentiles; heathens;   1000    
 nationalis, nationalis, nationale ADJ   [GXXEK]  national;   1000    
 nationalismus, nationalismi N (2nd) M   [GXXEK]  nationalism;   1000    
 nationalitas, nationalitatis N (3rd) F   [GXXEK]  nationality;   1000    
 natis, natis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  buttocks (usu. pl.), rump;   1000    
 nativitas, nativitatis N (3rd) F   [EEXDX]  birth; nativity; (of Christ);   1000    
 nativus, nativa, nativum ADJ   [XXXDX]  original; innate; natural; born;   1000    
 nato, natare, natavi, natatus V (1st)   [XXXBX]  swim; float;   1000    
 natrix, natricis N (3rd) F   [XAXFS]  water-snake; whip; a plant;   1000    
 natura, naturae N (1st) F   [XXXAX]  nature; birth; character;   1000    
 naturalis, naturalis N (3rd) M   [ESXDX]  physical/natural scientist; physicist; natural philosopher;   1000    
 naturalis, naturalis, naturale ADJ   [XXXAO]  natural, normal, typical, characteristic; innate, inherent; physical (science);   1000    
 naturaliter ADV   [XXXCO]  naturally, normally; inherently, by nature; spontaneously; by human nature;   1000    
 naturalizatio, naturalizationis N (3rd) F   [GXXEK]  naturalization;   1000    
 naturans, (gen.), naturantis ADJ   [FEXFM]  creative nature;   1000    
 naturo, naturare, naturavi, naturatus V (1st)   [FXXEM]  produce naturally;   1000    
 natus, nata, natum ADJ   [XXXAX]  born, arisen; made; destined; designed, intended, produced by nature; aged, old;   1000    
 natus, nati N (2nd) M   [XXXCO]  son; child; children (pl.);   1000    
 natus, natus N (4th) M   [XXXDX]  birth; age, years [minor natu => younger; major natu => older];   1000    
 nauarchia, nauarchiae N (1st) F   [DWXFS]  command of a ship/vessel;   1000    
 nauarchus, nauarchi N (2nd) M   [XWXDS]  master/captain of a ship; skipper;   1000    
 naucleria, naucleriae N (1st) F   [DWXFS]  command of a ship/vessel;   1000    
 nauclerius, nauclerii N (2nd) M   [EWXFW]  master of a ship/vessel;   1000    
 nauclerus, naucleri N (2nd) M   [XWXEO]  captain of a ship; master/owner/skipper (L+S);   1000    
 naucum, nauci N (2nd) N   [XXXEC]  trifle; [non nauci habere => think nothing of];   1000    
 naufragium, naufragi(i) N (2nd) N   [XXXBX]  shipwreck;   1000    
 naufrago, naufragare, naufragavi, naufragatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  be shipwrecked;   1000    
 naufragus, naufraga, naufragum ADJ   [XXXDX]  shipwrecked; ruined; causing shipwreck;   1000    
 naulum, nauli N (2nd) N   [XXXEC]  fare, passage money;   1000    
 naupegus, naupegi N (2nd) M   [XTXFS]  shipwright; ship builder;   1000    
 nausea, nauseae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  nausea; seasickness;   1000    
 nauseo, nauseare, nauseavi, nauseatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  be sea-sick; feel sick;   1000    
 nauseola, nauseolae N (1st) F   [XXXEC]  squeamishness;   1000    
 nausia, nausiae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  nausea; seasickness;   1000    
 nausio, nausiare, nausiavi, nausiatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  be sea-sick; feel sick;   1000    
 nauta, nautae N (1st) M   [XXXBO]  sailor, seaman, mariner;   1000    
 nauticus, nautica, nauticum ADJ   [XXXDX]  nautical, naval;   1001    
 nauticus, nautici N (2nd) M   [XXXDX]  seamen (pl.), sailors;   1000    
 navale, navalis N (3rd) N   [XXXDX]  dock, shipway;   1000    
 navalis, navalis, navale ADJ   [XXXDX]  naval, of ships;   1000    
 navanter ADV   [XXXES]  with zeal;   1000    
 navicula, naviculae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  small ship;   1000    
 navicularia, naviculariae N (1st) F   [XWXEC]  business of a ship-owner;   1000    
 navicularius, navicularia, navicularium ADJ   [XWXEC]  of (small) ships;   1000    
 navifragus, navifraga, navifragum ADJ   [XXXEO]  shipwrecking;   1000    

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