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Code/Short/Long name
 Afghanistan  Country flag af  AFN   Afghani  Afghan afghani  AS 
 Albania  Country flag al  ALL   Lek  Albania lek  EU 
 Algeria  Country flag dz  DZD   Dinar  Algerian dinar  AF 
 American Samoa  Country flag as  USD   Dollar  United States dollar  OC 
 Andorra  Country flag ad  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 Angola  Country flag ao  AOA   Kwanza  Angolan kwanza  AF 
 Antigua and Barbuda  Country flag ag  XCD   Dollar  East Caribbean dollar  NA 
 Argentina  Country flag ar  ARS   Peso  Argentine peso  SA 
 Armenia  Country flag am  AMD   Dram  Armenian dram  AS 
 Aruba  Country flag aw  AWG   Guilder  Aruban guilder florin  NA 
 Australia  Country flag au  AUD   Dollar  Australian dollar  OC 
 Austria  Country flag at  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 Azerbaijan  Country flag az  AZN   Manat  Azerbaijani manat  AS 
 Bahamas  Country flag bs  BSD   Dollar  Bahamian dollar  NA 
 Bahrain  Country flag bh  BHD   Dinar  Bahraini dinar  AS 
 Bangladesh  Country flag bd  BDT   Taka  Bangladeshi taka  AS 
 Barbados  Country flag bb  BBD   Dollar  Barbadian dollar  NA 
 Belarus  Country flag by  BYR   Ruble  Belarusian ruble  EU 
 Belgium  Country flag be  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 Belize  Country flag bz  BZD   Dollar  Belizean dollar  NA 
 Benin  Country flag bj  XOF   Franc  CFA franc BCEAO  AF 
 Bermuda  Country flag bm  BMD   Dollar  Bermudian dollar  NA 
 Bhutan  Country flag bt  BTN   Ngultrum  Bhutanese ngultrum  AS 
 Bolivia  Country flag bo  BOB   Boliviano  Bolivian boliviano  SA 
 Bosnia and Herzegovina  Country flag ba  BAM   Marka  Bosnian marka  EU 
 Botswana  Country flag bw  BWP   Pula  Botswana pula  AF 
 Brazil  Country flag br  BRL   Real  Brazilian real  SA 
 Brunei  Country flag bn  BND   Dollar  Bruneian dollar  AS 
 Bulgaria  Country flag bg  BGN   Lev  Bulgarian lev  EU 
 Burkina Faso  Country flag bf  XOF   Franc  CFA franc BCEAO  AF 
 Burundi  Country flag bi  BIF   Franc  Burundi franc  AF 
 Cambodia  Country flag kh  KHR   Riels  Cambodian riel  AS 
 Cameroon  Country flag cm  XAF   Franc  CFA franc BEAC  AF 
 Canada  Country flag ca  CAD   Dollar  Canadian dollar  NA 
 Cape Verde  Country flag cv  CVE   Escudo  Cape Verdean escudo  AF 
 Cayman Islands  Country flag ky  KYD   Dollar  Caymanian dollar  NA 
 Central African Republic  Country flag cf  XAF   Franc  CFA franc BEAC  AF 
 Chad  Country flag td  XAF   Franc  CFA franc BEAC  AF 
 Chile  Country flag cl  CLP   Peso  Chilean peso  SA 
 China  Country flag cn  CNY   Yuan Renminbi  Chinese yuan Renminbi  AS 
 Colombia  Country flag co  COP   Peso  Colombian peso  SA 
 Comoros  Country flag km  KMF   Franc  Comoros franc  AF 
 Costa Rica  Country flag cr  CRC   Colon  Costa Rican colon  NA 
 Croatia  Country flag hr  HRK   Kuna  Croatian cuna  EU 
 Cuba  Country flag cu  CUP   Peso  Cuban peso  NA 
 Curacao  Country flag cw  ANG   Guilder  Netherlands Antillean guilder  NA 
 Cyprus  Country flag cy  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 Czech Republic  Country flag cz  CZK   Koruna  Czech koruna  EU 
 Democratic Republic of the Congo  Country flag cd  CDF   Franc  Congolese franc  AF 
 Denmark  Country flag dk  DKK   Krone  Danish krone  EU 
 Djibouti  Country flag dj  DJF   Franc  Djiboutian franc  AF 
Code/Short/Long name
 Dominica  Country flag dm  XCD   Dollar  East Caribbean dollar  NA 
 Dominican Republic  Country flag do  DOP   Peso  Dominican peso  NA 
 East Timor  Country flag tl  USD   Dollar  United States dollar  OC 
 Ecuador  Country flag ec  USD   Dollar  United States dollar  SA 
 Egypt  Country flag eg  EGP   Pound  Egyptian pound  AF 
 El Salvador  Country flag sv  USD   Dollar  United States dollar  NA 
 Equatorial Guinea  Country flag gq  XAF   Franc  CFA franc BEAC  AF 
 Eritrea  Country flag er  ERN   Nakfa  Eritrean nakfa  AF 
 Estonia  Country flag ee  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 Ethiopia  Country flag et  ETB   Birr  Ethiopian birr  AF 
 Faroe Islands  Country flag fo  DKK   Krone  Danish krone  EU 
 Fiji  Country flag fj  FJD   Dollar  Fijian dollar  OC 
 Finland  Country flag fi  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 France  Country flag fr  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 French Polynesia  Country flag pf  XPF   Franc  CFP franc  OC 
 Gabon  Country flag ga  XAF   Franc  CFA franc BEAC  AF 
 Gambia  Country flag gm  GMD   Dalasi  Gambian dalasi  AF 
 Georgia  Country flag ge  GEL   Lari  Georgian lari  AS 
 Germany  Country flag de  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 Ghana  Country flag gh  GHS   Cedi  Ghana cedi  AF 
 Greece  Country flag gr  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 Greenland  Country flag gl  DKK   Krone  Danish krone  NA 
 Grenada  Country flag gd  XCD   Dollar  East Caribbean dollar  NA 
 Guam  Country flag gu  USD   Dollar  United States dollar  OC 
 Guatemala  Country flag gt  GTQ   Quetzal  Guatemalan quetzal  NA 
 Guinea  Country flag gn  GNF   Franc  Guinean franc  AF 
 Guinea-Bissau  Country flag gw  XOF   Franc  CFA franc BCEAO  AF 
 Guyana  Country flag gy  GYD   Dollar  Guyanese dollar  SA 
 Haiti  Country flag ht  HTG   Gourde  Haitian gourde  NA 
 Honduras  Country flag hn  HNL   Lempira  Honduran lempira  NA 
 Hong Kong  Country flag hk  HKD   Dollar  Hong Kong dollar  AS 
 Hungary  Country flag hu  HUF   Forint  Hungarian forint  EU 
 Iceland  Country flag is  ISK   Krona  Icelandic krona  EU 
 India  Country flag in  INR   Rupee  Indian rupee  AS 
 Indonesia  Country flag id  IDR   Rupiah  Indonesian rupiah  AS 
 Iran  Country flag ir  IRR   Rial  Iranian rial  AS 
 Iraq  Country flag iq  IQD   Dinar  Iraqi Dinar  AS 
 Ireland  Country flag ie  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 Isle of Man  Country flag im  GBP   Pound  British pound  EU 
 Israel  Country flag il  ILS   Shekel  Israeli shekel  AS 
 Italy  Country flag it  EUR   Euro  Euro  EU 
 Ivory Coast  Country flag ci  XOF   Franc  CFA franc BCEAO  AF 
 Jamaica  Country flag jm  JMD   Dollar  Jamaican dollar  NA 
 Japan  Country flag jp  JPY   Yen  Japanese yen  AS 
 Jordan  Country flag jo  JOD   Dinar  Jordanian dinar  AS 
 Kazakhstan  Country flag kz  KZT   Tenge  Kazakh tenge  AS 
 Kenya  Country flag ke  KES   Shilling  Kenyan shilling  AF 
 Kiribati  Country flag ki  AUD   Dollar  Australian dollar  OC 
 Kuwait  Country flag kw  KWD   Dinar  Kuwaiti dinar  AS 
 Kyrgyzstan  Country flag kg  KGS   Som  Kyrgyz som  AS 


Insurance payouts- a constant pay based on insurance.
Central banks- banks that have a major importance, not neccecerely are located or asociated with centre.
Immediate bets – an amount of money which you risk on the result of an event or a competition.
Post-disaster recovery- a process, containing recovey after a huge event that effects sth very negatively or damages it.
Opposing forces – forces used as an enemy role during military exercises.
Monetary policy- the process by which the monetary authority of a country controls the supply of money.
Carry trade-  refers to a trade, where you borrow and pay interest in order to buy something else that has higher interest. 
Low-yielding- investments that do not pay much income. 
Interest-rate the percentage that a bank or other financial company charges you when you borrow money.
Ultra-loose- an extremely huge process of losing. 
Sovereign-debt- Bonds issued by a national government in a foreign currency, in order to finance the issuing country's growth
Upward pressure - a pressure, that is moving towards a higher position, level, the force you produce when you press something
Policy rate - Monetary tool used for controlling inflation, determining day-to-day liquidity operations, and for determining other market rates.

2016-03-31 05:20:28
Money trader:
Money means coins, notes and the cash in a bank account – what we use for making payments for what we want to buy. We take money for granted; and, indeed, a society as developed as ours could not do without it.
But people lived, and traded with each other, for many years without money. The earliest form of trade was by barter, offering goods in exchange for what was wanted, or swooping goods for other goods. Beautiful and rare things were used as mediums of exchange. Useful things also had an obvious value, which depends on their scarcity or how long they take to make.
At different times many rare or useful things have become widely used as mediums of exchange, for e.g.: axe heads, sharks, teeth, beads, ivory.
Gold and silver became recognized and suitable for a medium of exchange because they are scarce and keep their value, they can be worked with primitive equipment, because they are soft metals, with low melting temperature. They also can be polished to look beautiful and they can be easily carried. They do not decay or rust so they are a store of value.
It was gradually found most convenient to mint round flat pieces of gold and silver for trading. The value of these coins was measured by weight.
During the 6th century Before Christ, king of Lydia decreed that coins should be a standard weight, size and shape for each value, so that they could be quickly recognized.
There are six qualities of a good coin:
  • Scarce – if money is too easy to come by it doesn’t keep its value.
  • Acceptable – a coinage must be accepted as a medium of exchange in a society or country for buying and selling.
  • Durable – coins must be strong and long lasting, so that they are the store of value and do not break or wear out easily.
  • Standard – coins of a particular value must be of the same size, shape and weight and be quickly recognized.
  • Portable – coins must be easy to carry.
  • Divisible – it must be possible to divide coins of large value into smaller values, to give change or make smaller purchases.

2016-06-06 05:04:42
In business there are many occasions on which people have to deal with money and talk about money. Within a company there are business situations in which receipt of money and the payment of money is central occupation.
Foreign trade has been called “lifeblood” of the country, because we depend on the import of food and raw materials to feed our population and factories. In return we must export to earn the foreign currency necessary to pay for imports. There are many difficulties to buying and selling in foreign countries than to trading in one’s own. There are problems of distance, of language, of payment, of different laws and customs, and often understanding.
The banks in each country are in position to know the laws, customs and languages in their own country and financial standing of traders. Banks have established contacts with banks in other countries called Correspondent Banks.
When a sales has been agreed, and goods shipped, the Documents are entrusted by the seller to his bank. These are only passed on to the buyer in exchange for his signature on a Bill of Exchange. A bill of Exchange gives a date three to six months away, to give the buyer credit or time-to-pay, as is usual in trade. It suits the seller best if the buyer makes arrangements for payment to a bank in his own country. To do this the buyer contacts his local bank to make necessary arrangements with the overseas seller’s bank. This is called a Documentary Credit. It suits the buyer best if all he has to do is to make payment in his own currency to a local bank when the goods have arrived – and transfer of the payment is arranged by the seller’s bank to his country. This is called a Documentary Collection.

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