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Latin word lists

 T., abb. N M   [XXXDX]  Titus, Roman praenomen; (abb. T.);   1000    
 tabacarius, tabacaria, tabacarium ADJ   [GAXEK]  of tobacco;   1000    
 tabacinus, tabacina, tabacinum ADJ   [GAXEK]  of tobacco;   1000    
 tabacismus, tabacismi N (2nd) M   [GBXEK]  tobacco addiction;   1000    
 tabacum, tabaci N (2nd) N   [GAXEK]  tobacco;   1000    
 tabanus, tabani N (2nd) M   [XAXFS]  horse-fly;   1000    
 tabefacio, tabefacere, tabefaci, tabefactus V (3rd) TRANS   [EXXES]  melt; dissolve; subdue;   1000    
 tabefactus, tabefacta, tabefactum ADJ   [EXXES]  melted; dissolved;   1000    
 tabefio, tabeferi, tabefactus sum V SEMIDEP   [EXXES]  be melted/dissolved/subdued; (tabefacio PASS);   1000    
 tabella, tabellae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  small board; writing tablet; picture; ballot; deed (pl.), document, letter;   1000    
 tabellanio, tabellanionis N (3rd) M   [EXXFP]  notary; scrivener; document-drafter;   1000    
 tabellarius, tabellari(i) N (2nd) M   [XXXDX]  letter-carrier, courier;   1000    
 tabellarius, tabellarii N (2nd) M   [GXXEK]  factor;   1000    
 tabellio, tabellionis N (3rd) M   [XLXFO]  legal clerk, one who draws up legal documents; messenger (Erasmus);   1000    
 tabeo, tabere, -, - V (2nd)   [XXXCO]  rot away, decay; waste away;   1000    
 taberna, tabernae N (1st) F   [XXXCO]  tavern, inn; wood hut/cottage, shed/hovel; stall/booth; small shop (Nelson);   1000    
 tabernaculum, tabernaculi N (2nd) N   [XXXCO]  tent; Jewish Tabernacle; [~ capere => (augur) set up tent to make observations];   1000    
 tabernarius, tabernari(i) N (2nd) M   [XXXDX]  keeper of a taberna, shopkeeper, tradesman;   1000    
 tabernarius, tabernarii N (2nd) M   [GXXEK]  retailing;   1000    
 tabes, tabis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  wasting away; decay; putrefaction; fluid resulting from corruption or decay;   1000    
 tabesco, tabescere, tabui, - V (3rd)   [XXXDX]  melt, dissolve; dry up, evaporate; waste away, dwindle away; (mental aspect);   1000    
 tabidulus, tabidula, tabidulum ADJ   [XXXEC]  consuming;   1000    
 tabidus, tabida, tabidum ADJ   [XXXDX]  wasting away, emaciated, putrefying, rotten; accompanied by wasting;   1000    
 tabificus, tabifica, tabificum ADJ   [XXXDX]  causing decay or wasting;   1000    
 tabitudo, tabitudinis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  wasting away;   1000    
 tablinum, tablini N (2nd) N   [XXXFS]  terrace; archive; gallery;   1000    
 tabula, tabulae N (1st) F   [XXXAO]  writing tablet (wax covered board); records (pl.); document, deed, will; list;   1000    
 tabularium, tabulari(i) N (2nd) N   [XXXDX]  collection of (inscribed) tablets; record-office, registry;   1000    
 tabulatio, tabulationis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  structure of boards, boarding;   1000    
 tabulatum, tabulati N (2nd) N   [XXXDX]  floor, story; layer, row; tier formed by the horizontal branches of a tree;   1000    
 tabulatus, tabulata, tabulatum ADJ   [XXXEC]  floored, boarded;   1000    
 tabulinum, tabulini N (2nd) N   [XXXFS]  terrace; archive; gallery;   1000    
 tabum, tabi N (2nd) N   [XXXDX]  viscous fluid consisting of putrid matter;   1000    
 taceo, tacere, tacui, tacitus V (2nd)   [XXXAX]  be silent; pass over in silence; leave unmentioned, be silent about something;   1000    
 tachometrum, tachometri N (2nd) N   [GTXEK]  tachometer;   1000    
 taciturnitas, taciturnitatis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  maintaining silence;   1000    
 taciturnus, taciturna, taciturnum ADJ   [XXXDX]  silent, quiet;   1000    
 tacitus, tacita, tacitum ADJ   [XXXAX]  silent, secret;   1000    
 Tacitus, Taciti N (2nd) M   [DLIDZ]  Tacitus; (Emperor Marcus Claudius Tacitus 275-276);   1000    
 tactilis, tactilis, tactile ADJ   [XXXDX]  able to be touched;   1000    
 tactio, tactionis N (3rd) F   [XXXES]  touching (Plautus); sense of touch;   1000    
 tactus, tactus N (4th) M   [XXXDX]  touch, sense of touch;   1000    
 taeda, taedae N (1st) F   [XXXBX]  pine torch;   1000    
 taedeo, taedere, taedui, taesus V (2nd) INTRANS   [DXXCS]  be tired/weary/sick (of) (w/GEN or INF+ACC of person); be disgusted/offended;   1000    
 taedeor, taederi, taesus sum V (2nd) DEP   [EXXEP]  be sad; be tired/weary/sick (of);   1000    
 taedet, taedere, taeduit, taesus est V (2nd) IMPERS   [XXXCO]  be tired/weary/sick (of) (w/GEN or INF+ACC of person); be disgusted/offended;   1000    
 taedifer, taedifera, taediferum ADJ   [XXXDX]  torch-bearing;   1000    
 taedio, taediare, taediavi, taediatus V (1st) INTRANS   [EXXEP]  be sad; be tired/weary/sick (of);   1000    
 taedior, taediari, taediatus sum V (1st) DEP   [EXXEP]  be sad; be tired/weary/sick (of);   1000    
 taedium, taedi(i) N (2nd) N   [XXXBO]  weariness/tedium/boredom/ennui; disgust/aversion/repugnance/loathing; nuisance;   1000    
 taenia, taeniae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  ribbon, tape, band; film, movie (Red);   1000    
 taeniola, taeniolae N (1st) F   [FXXEM]  small ribbon, tape, band; film, movie (Red);   1000    
 taeter, taetra, taetrum ADJ   [XXXDX]  foul, offensive;, ugly; disgraceful; black, blackish (Souter);   1000    
 taetricus, taetrica, taetricum ADJ   [XXXES]  harsh; gloomy; severe; (tetricus);   1000    
 tagax, (gen.), tagacis ADJ   [XXXEC]  light-fingered; thievish, given to pilfering;   1000    
 talare, talaris N (3rd) N   [XXXDX]  winged sandals (pl.) of Mercury; skirts/robes reaching to ankles;   1000    
 talaris, talaris, talare ADJ   [XXXDX]  of the ankle/heel; reaching/stretching to the ankles;   1000    
 talarius, talaria, talarium ADJ   [XXXDX]  of dice; with dice;   1000    
 talea, taleae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  block; bar;   1000    
 talentum, talenti N (2nd) N   [XXXDX]  talent; sum of money;   1000    
 talio, talionis N (3rd) F   [XXXEC]  retaliation;   1000    
 talis, talis, tale ADJ   [XXXAX]  such; so great; so excellent; of such kind;   1000    
 taliter ADV   [XXXDX]  in such a manner/way (as described), so;   1000    
 talitha, undeclined N F   [EXQFW]  girl; damsel (Douay); (Aramaic); (Mark 5:41);   1000    
 talla, tallae N (1st) F   [XAXEO]  layer of an onion; peel or coat of an onion (L+S);   1000    
 tallus, talli N (2nd) M   [EAXFW]  young/green branch/bough/stalk; olive or myrtle (L+S) branch (2 Maccabee 14:4);   1000    
 talpa, talpae N (1st) C   [XXXCO]  mole (animal);   1000    
 talus, tali N (2nd) M   [XBXBO]  ankle; ankle/pastern bone; sheep knucklebone (marked for dice); dice game (pl.);   1000    
 tam ADV   [XXXAX]  so, so much (as); to such an extent/degree; nevertheless, all the same;   1000    
 tamarix, tamaricis N (3rd) F   [XAXEC]  tamarisk; (evergreen bush/shrub/tree genus Tamarix); (also myrica);   1000    
 tamdiu ADV   [XXXDX]  so long, for so long a time; so very long; all this time;   1000    
 tamen ADV   [XXXAX]  yet, nevertheless, still;   1000    
 tametsi CONJ   [XXXDX]  even if, although, though;   1000    
 taminius, taminia, taminium ADJ   [XAXFS]  taminian. species of wild grape;   1000    
 tamisium, tamisii N (2nd) N   [FXXEM]  sieve, sifter;   1000    
 tamquam CONJ   [XXXAX]  as, just as, just as if; as it were, so to speak; as much as; so as;   1000    
 tandem ADV   [XXXBS]  finally; at last, in the end; after some time, eventually; at length;   1000    
 tangens, tangentis N (3rd) F   [GSXEK]  tangent (math);   1000    
 tangibilis, tangibilis, tangibile ADJ   [XXXES]  touchable; tangible;   1000    
 tango, tangere, tetigi, tactus V (3rd)   [XXXAX]  touch, strike; border on, influence; mention;   1000    
 tanquam CONJ   [XXXDX]  as, just as, just as if; as it were, so to speak; as much as; so as;   1000    
 tantillus, tantilla, tantillum ADJ   [XXXDX]  so small, so small a quantity;   1000    
 tantisper ADV   [XXXCO]  for such time (as); for so long (as); for the present/meantime; all the time;   1000    
 tantopere ADV   [XXXDX]  so much, so hard;   1000    
 tantulus, tantula, tantulum ADJ   [XXXDX]  so very small, so trifling;   1000    
 tantum ADV   [XXXDX]  so much, so far; hardly, only;   1000    
 tantummodo ADV   [XXXDX]  only, merely;   1000    
 tantundem ADV   [XXXDX]  just as much;   1000    
 tantus, tanta, tantum ADJ   [XXXAX]  of such size; so great, so much; [tantus ... quantus => as much ... as];   1000    
 tapes, tapetis N (3rd) M   [XXXCO]  woolen cloth or rug used as a covering, hanging, carpet, tapestry;   1000    
 tapetarius, tapetarii N (2nd) M   [GXXEK]  decorator;   1000    
 tapete, tapetis N (3rd) N   [XXXCO]  woolen cloth or rug used as a covering, hanging, carpet, tapestry;   1000    
 tapetes, tapetae N M   [XXXCO]  woolen cloth or rug used as a covering, hanging, carpet, tapestry;   1000    
 tapetum, tapeti N (2nd) N   [XXXCO]  woolen cloth or rug used as a covering, hanging, carpet, tapestry;   1000    
 tappete, tappetis N (3rd) N   [XXXCO]  woolen cloth or rug used as a covering, hanging, carpet, tapestry;   1000    
 tarandrus, tarandri N (2nd) M   [FXXEK]  reindeer;   1000    
 taraxacum, taraxaci N (2nd) N   [GAXEK]  dandelion;   1000    
 tardesco, tardescere, -, - V (3rd)   [XXXDX]  become slow;   1000    
 tardipes, (gen.), tardipedis ADJ   [XXXDX]  slow-footed, lame;   1000    
 tarditas, tarditatis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  slowness of movement, action, etc;   1000    

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