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Latin word lists

 ha INTERJ   [EXXBT]  Ah!; (distress/regret/pity, appeal/entreaty, surprise/joy, objection/contempt);   1000    
 Habacuc, undeclined N M   [XEQFE]  Habakkuk; (minor prophet); (book of Old Testament);   1000    
 habena, habenae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  thong, strap; whip; halter; reins (pl.); direction, management, government;   1000    
 habeo, habere, habui, habitus V (2nd)   [XXXAX]  have, hold, consider, think, reason; manage, keep; spend/pass (time);   1000    
 habetudo, habetudinis N (3rd) F   [XXXFE]  dullness;   1000    
 habilis, habilis, habile ADJ   [XXXDX]  handy, manageable; apt, fit;   1000    
 habilitas, habilitatis N (3rd) F   [XXXEE]  ability; aptitude;   1000    
 habilito, habilitare, habilitavi, habilitatus V (1st)   [FXXFM]  enable; make suitable;   1000    
 habitabilis, habitabilis, habitabile ADJ   [XXXDX]  habitable;   1000    
 habitaculum, habitaculi N (2nd) N   [XXXFO]  dwelling place; home, residence; habitation (Bee);   1000    
 habitans, habitantis N (3rd) C   [XXXEE]  inhabitant; dweller;   1000    
 habitatio, habitationis N (3rd) F   [XXXDX]  lodging, residence;   1000    
 habitator, habitatoris N (3rd) M   [XXXDX]  dweller, inhabitant;   1000    
 habitatrix, habitatricis N (3rd) F   [XXXFS]  inhabiters; she who inhabits;   1000    
 habito, habitare, habitavi, habitatus V (1st)   [XXXAX]  inhabit, dwell; live, stay;   1000    
 habitualis, habitualis, habituale ADJ   [FXXEM]  habitual; customary;   1000    
 habitualiter ADV   [XXXEE]  habitual;   1000    
 habitudinalis, habitudinalis, habitudinale ADJ   [FXXEM]  habitual; customary;   1000    
 habitudo, habitudinis N (3rd) F   [XXXEC]  condition;   1000    
 habituo, habituare, habituavi, habituatus V (1st) INTRANS   [DXXES]  habituate, bring into condition/habit (body); (PASS) be conditioned/in habit;   1000    
 habitus, habitus N (4th) M   [XXXBX]  condition, state; garment/dress/"get-up"; expression, demeanor; character;   1000    
 Habraeus, Habraea, Habraeum ADJ   [XXQCO]  Hebrew, Jewish;   1000    
 habrodiaetus, habrodiaeti N (2nd) M   [CXXFS]  living delicately, epithet of the painter Parrhasius;   1000    
 habrotonum, habrotoni N (2nd) N   [XAXFS]  aromatic plant, southern-wood (medicine);   1000    
 hac ADV   [XXXDX]  here, by this side, this way;   1000    
 hactenus ADV   [XXXBX]  as far as this, to this place/point/time/extent, thus far, til now, hitherto;   1000    
 Hadrianus, Hadriana, Hadrianum ADJ   [XXICO]  Adriatic, of the Adriatic Sea; of the Emperor Hadrian;   1000    
 Hadrianus, Hadriani N (2nd) M   [CLIBO]  Hadrian (P. Aelius Hadrianus, Emperor, 117-138 AD); Adriatic;   1000    
 Hadrumetinus, Hadrumetina, Hadrumetinum ADJ   [XXAES]  Andrumetine, of/from Andrumetum/Hadrumetum (city of Africa propria/Byzacene);   1000    
 Hadrumetinus, Hadrumetini N (2nd) M   [XXAFS]  Andrumetine, inhabitant of Andrumetum/Hadrumetum (city in Africa/Byzacane);   1000    
 Hadrumetum, Hadrumeti N (2nd) N   [XXAES]  Andrumetum/Hadrumetum (city of Africa propria, capital of province Byzacene);   1000    
 Hadrumetus, Hadrumeti N (2nd) F   [XXAES]  Andrumetum/Hadrumetum (city of Africa propria, capital of province Byzacene);   1000    
 haedilia, haediliae N (1st) F   [XAXFO]  little kid/goat (female);   1000    
 haedilla, haedillae N (1st) F   [XAXFO]  little kid/goat (female);   1000    
 haedillus, haedilli N (2nd) M   [XAXFO]  little kid/goat;   1000    
 haedulea, haeduleae N (1st) F   [XAXFE]  kid, young goat;   1000    
 haedulus, haeduli N (2nd) M   [XAXFO]  little kid, little young goat;   1000    
 haedus, haedi N (2nd) M   [XAXCO]  kid, young goat; two stars in constellation Auriga (Charioteer), "The Kid";   1000    
 haemorrhagia, haemorrhagiae N (1st) F   [GBXEK]  hemorrhage;   1000    
 haemorrhois, haemorrhoidis N (3rd) F   [EAXFS]  poisonous snake (Pliny);   1000    
 haemorrhoissus, haemorrhoissa, haemorrhoissum ADJ   [FBXFE]  hemorrhaging; having flow of blood; (menstrual?);   1000    
 haemorroida, haemorroidae N (1st) F   [XBXES]  hemorrhoid, pile; (also haemorrhoida);   1000    
 haereditas, haereditatis N (3rd) F   [XXXBX]  inheritance, possession; hereditary succession; generation; heirship;   1000    
 haereo, haerere, haesi, haesus V (2nd)   [XXXBX]  stick, adhere, cling to; hesitate; be in difficulties (sticky situation?);   1000    
 haeresiarcha, haeresiarchae N (1st) M   [FEXFE]  heresiarch, archheretic; founder/leader of a heresy;   1000    
 haeresis, haereseos/is N F   [XEXDO]  philosophical/religious school of thought/sect; heresy/heretical doctrine (L+S);   1000    
 haeresis, haeresis N (3rd) F   [XEXDO]  philosophical/religious school of thought/sect; heresy/heretical doctrine (L+S);   1000    
 haereticus, haeretica, haereticum ADJ   [EEXDS]  heretical, of/belonging to heretical religious doctrines;   1000    
 haereticus, haeretici N (2nd) M   [EEXDS]  heretic; teacher of false doctrine (Dif);   1000    
 haesitatio, haesitationis N (3rd) F   [XXXFS]  hesitation, hesitating; stammering; resolution;   1000    
 haesito, haesitare, haesitavi, haesitatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  stick hesitate, be undecided; be stuck;   1000    
 hagiographia, hagiographiae N (1st) F   [EEHFE]  hagiography, lives of saints; sacred/holy writing;   1000    
 hagiographicus, hagiographica, hagiographicum ADJ   [GXXEK]  hagiographic;   1000    
 hagiographus, hagiographa, hagiographum ADJ   [EEHEE]  of/concerning sacred/holy writings;   1000    
 hagiographus, hagiographi N (2nd) M   [EEHFE]  sacred/holy writer; hagiographer (Cal); author of lives of Saints;   1000    
 hagios, hagia, hagion ADJ   [FXHFE]  holy (Greek);   1000    
 hahahae INTERJ   [EXXES]  Ha ha!; (laughter, derision);   1000    
 hahahe INTERJ   [EXXES]  Ha ha!; (laughter, derision);   1000    
 haicu, haicus N (4th) N   [HPXFT]  haiku, formal short verse (popular in Japan);   1000    
 halatio, halationis N (3rd) F   [EBXEE]  breath; breathing;   1000    
 halcycon, halcyonis N (3rd) F   [XAXEX]  halcyon; kingfisher; sea birds (pl.);   1000    
 haliaeetos, haliaeeti N M   [XAXEC]  sea-eagle, osprey;   1000    
 halica, halicae N (1st) F   [XXXEO]  emmer (wheat) grots; porridge/gruel made with these;   1000    
 halicacius, halicacia, halicacium ADJ   [XAXEO]  made of emmer (wheat), grots; connected with emmer (wheat) production;   1000    
 halicastrum, halicastri N (2nd) N   [XAXEO]  early -ripening variety of emmer (wheat);   1000    
 halito, halitare, halitavi, halitatus V (1st) INTRANS   [EBXEE]  breathe;   1000    
 halitus, halitus N (4th) M   [XXXDX]  breath, steam, vapor;   1000    
 hallec, hallecis N (3rd) N   [XXXDX]  herrings; a fish sauce; pickle;   1000    
 Hallelujah INTERJ   [EEQCE]  Halleluia, cry of joy and praise to God; (praise ye Jehovah);   1000    
 hallucinator, hallucinatoris N (3rd) M   [DXXFS]  idle dreamer, silly fellow; one who is wandering in mind;   1000    
 hallus, halli N (2nd) M   [XBXFO]  big toe;   1000    
 halmaturus, halmaturi N (2nd) M   [GXXEK]  kangaroo;   1000    
 halo, halare, halavi, halatus V (1st)   [XXXDX]  emit (vapor, etc); be fragrant;   1000    
 halucinatio, halucinationis N (3rd) F   [XXXEO]  wandering in mind, idle dream, delusion; idle/aimless behavior (w/mentis);   1000    
 halucinor, halucinari, halucinatus sum V (1st) DEP   [XXXDX]  wander in mind, talk idly/unreasonably, ramble, dream; wander;   1000    
 hamadryas, hamadryados/is N F   [XXXDX]  wood-nymph, hamadryad, dryad;   1000    
 hamatus, hamata, hamatum ADJ   [XXXDX]  hooked;   1000    
 hamiota, hamiotae N (1st) M   [XAXEC]  angler;   1000    
 hammonitrum, hammonitri N (2nd) N   [XXENS]  natron (sesquicarbonate of soda) mingled with sand;   1000    
 hamula, hamulae N (1st) F   [XXXEF]  small hook;   1000    
 hamus, hami N (2nd) M   [XXXDX]  hook; barb of an arrow; spike;   1000    
 hannapus, hannapi N (2nd) M   [FEXFE]  incense boat;   1000    
 Hannibal, Hannibalis N (3rd) M   [BXACO]  Hannibal; (Carthaginian general in 2nd Punic War);   1000    
 hapalus, hapala, hapalum ADJ   [XXXFO]  soft-boiled;   1000    
 hara, harae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  pen, coop, pigsty;   1000    
 harena, harenae N (1st) F   [XXXBO]  sand, grains of sand; sandy land or desert; seashore; arena, place of contest;   1000    
 harenaceus, harenacea, harenaceum ADJ   [XXXNS]  sandy;   1000    
 harenaria, harenariae N (1st) F   [XXXDX]  sand pit;   1000    
 harenarium, harenarii N (2nd) N   [XXXFS]  sand-pit;   1000    
 harenarius, harenaria, harenarium ADJ   [DXXES]  of/pertaining to sand; or to the arena/amphitheater; [~ lapis => sandstone];   1000    
 harenarius, harenarii N (2nd) M   [DXXES]  combatant in the arena, gladiator; teacher of mathematics (figures in sand);   1000    
 harenatio, harenationis N (3rd) F   [XTXES]  sanding, plastering with sand; plastering, cementing;   1000    
 harenatum, harenati N (2nd) N   [XTXFS]  sand mortar;   1000    
 harenatus, harenata, harenatum ADJ   [XTXFS]  sanded, covered/mixed with sand;   1000    
 harenifodina, harenifodinae N (1st) F   [DXXES]  sand-pit;   1000    
 harenivagus, harenivaga, harenivagum ADJ   [XXXFS]  wandering over sands;   1000    
 harenosum, harenosi N (2nd) N   [XXXDX]  sandy place;   1000    
 harenosus, harenosa, harenosum ADJ   [XXXDX]  sandy, containing sand (ground);   1000    
 harenula, harenulae N (1st) F   [XXXNS]  fine sand; a grain of sand;   1000    
 haricolor, haricolari, haricolatus sum V (1st) DEP   [XEXCO]  speak by divine inspiration or with second sight, prophesy, divine; (facetious?)   1000    

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