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 a INTERJ   [XXXBO]  Ah!; (distress/regret/pity, appeal/entreaty, surprise/joy, objection/contempt);   1000    
 a PREP ABL   [XXXAO]  by (agent), from (departure, cause, remote origin/time); after (reference);   1000    
 a PREP ACC   [XXXCO]  ante, abb. a.; [in calendar expression a. d. = ante diem => before the day];   1000    
 A., abb. N M   [XXXCG]  Aulus (Roman praenomen); (abb. A./Au.); [Absolvo, Antiquo => free, reject];   1000    
 ab PREP ABL   [XXXAO]  by (agent), from (departure, cause, remote origin/time); after (reference);   1000    
 abactius, abactia, abactium ADJ   [XAXEO]  stolen/rustled (of cattle);   1000    
 abactor, abactoris N (3rd) M   [XAXEO]  cattle thief, rustler; one who drives off;   1000    
 abactus, abacta, abactum ADJ   [XXXES]  driven away/off/back; forced to resign (office); restrained by; passed (night);   1000    
 abactus, abactus N (4th) M   [XAXEO]  cattle thieving, stealing of cattle, rustling;   1000    
 abaculus, abaculi N (2nd) M   [ETXFS]  tessera/small cube of colored glass for ornamental pavements/wall mosaics;   1000    
 abacus, abaci N (2nd) M   [EEXCE]  small table for cruets, credence, shelf/niche near altar for Eucharist; buffet;   1000    
 abaestuo, abaestuare, abaestuavi, abaestuatus V (1st) INTRANS   [DXXFS]  wave down; hang down richly (poet.);   1000    
 abagmentum, abagmenti N (2nd) N   [DBXFS]  means for obtaining abortion?;   1000    
 abalienatio, abalienationis N (3rd) F   [XLXDO]  transfer of property (legal), sale; cession; alienation;   1000    
 abalienatus, abalienata, abalienatum ADJ   [XXXDO]  unfriendly, estranged; dead/mortified (medical, of tissues);   1000    
 abalieno, abalienare, abalienavi, abalienatus V (1st) TRANS   [XXXBS]  make alien; separate, abstract; alienate, estrange, make disaffected;   1000    
 abambulo, abambulare, abambulavi, abambulatus V (1st) INTRANS   [XXXFO]  go away;   1000    
 abamita, abamitae N (1st) F   [XXXEO]  great-great-great aunt; (sister of abavus/gt-gt-grandfather); female ancestor;   1000    
 abante ADV   [XXXIO]  in front (of); before;   1000    
 abante PREP ABL   [XXXES]  from before/in front of;   1000    
 abarceo, abarcere, -, - V (2nd) TRANS   [XXXEO]  keep away;   1000    
 abascantus, abascanta, abascantum ADJ   [XXXFS]  unenvied?;   1000    
 abavia, abaviae N (1st) F   [XXXEO]  ancestress; great-great grandmother;   1000    
 abavunculus, abavunculi N (2nd) M   [XXXEO]  great-great-great-great uncle; remote ancestor;   1000    
 abax, abacis N (3rd) M   [DXXFS]  counting-board; side-board; slab table; panel; square stone on top of column;   1000    
 Abba, undeclined N M   [EEQEE]  Father; (Aramaic); bishop of Syriac/Coptic church; (false read obba/decanter);   1000    
 abbas, abbatis N (3rd) M   [EEXCE]  abbot; head of an ecclesiastical community; father; any respected monk (early);   1000    
 abbatia, abbatiae N (1st) F   [EEXCE]  abbey, monastery;   1000    
 abbatialis, abbatialis, abbatiale ADJ   [EEXCE]  of/pertaining to an abbot/abbey; abbey derived;   1000    
 abbatissa, abbatissae N (1st) F   [EEXCE]  abbess;   1000    
 abbatizo, abbatizare, -, - V (1st) INTRANS   [FEXFM]  be abbot;   1000    
 abbibo, abbibere, abbibi, - V (3rd)   [XXXDO]  drink (in addition), take in by drinking; drink in, absorb, listen eagerly to;   1000    
 abbito, abbitere, -, - V (3rd) INTRANS   [XXXFO]  approach, come/draw near;   1000    
 abbreviatio, abbreviationis N (3rd) F   [EXXFS]  abbreviation; diminution; epitome (Souter); shortening;   1000    
 abbreviator, abbreviatoris N (3rd) M   [EEXEE]  summarizer; one who makes abstracts/epitomes from papal bulls;   1000    
 abbreviatus, abbreviata, abbreviatum ADJ   [EXXCW]  abridged, shortened, cut off; straitened, contracted, narrowed; abbreviated;   1000    
 abbrevio, abbreviare, abbreviavi, abbreviatus V (1st) TRANS   [EXXCE]  shorten, cut off; abbreviate, abstract; epitomize (Souter); break off; weaken;   1000    
 abbrocamentum, abbrocamenti N (2nd) N   [FXXEQ]  abbrochment, forestalling market/fair (buying before fair then retailing OED);   1000    
 abdicatio, abdicationis N (3rd) F   [XLXDO]  renunciation; disowning/disinheriting (son); resignation/abdication (office);   1000    
 abdicative ADV   [DXXES]  negatively;   1000    
 abdicativus, abdicativa, abdicativum ADJ   [DXXES]  negative;   1000    
 abdicatrix, abdicatricis N (3rd) F   [DXXFS]  renouncer (female); she who renounces/disclaims something;   1000    
 abdicatus, abdicati N (2nd) M   [XXXFO]  disowned/disinherited son;   1000    
 abdico, abdicare, abdicavi, abdicatus V (1st) TRANS   [XLXBO]  resign, abdicate; abolish; disinherit; renounce, reject, expel, disapprove of;   1000    
 abdite ADV   [XXXFS]  secretly;   1001    
 abditivus, abditiva, abditivum ADJ   [XXXFC]  removed, separated (from);   1000    
 abditum, abditi N (2nd) N   [XXXCE]  hidden/secret/out of the way place, lair, (in) secret;   1000    
 abditus, abdita, abditum ADJ   [XXXBO]  hidden, secret, out of the way, remote, secluded; obscure/abstruse (meaning);   1000    
 abdo, abdere, abdidi, abditus V (3rd) TRANS   [XXXAO]  remove, put away, set aside; depart, go away; hide, keep secret, conceal;   1000    
 abdomen, abdominis N (3rd) N   [XBXCO]  abdomen, paunch, lower part of the belly; gluttony; as indicative of obesity;   1000    
 abdominalis, abdominalis, abdominale ADJ   [GBXEK]  abdominal;   1000    
 abduco, abducere, abduxi, abductus V (3rd) TRANS   [XXXAO]  lead away, carry off; detach, attract away, entice, seduce, charm; withdraw;   1000    
 abductio, abductionis N (3rd) F   [DXXES]  abduction, forcible carrying off; robbing; retirement (Vulg. Eccli.);   1000    
 abecedaria, abecedariae N (1st) F   [DXXFS]  elementary introduction; the ABC of the matter;   1000    
 abecedarium, abecedarii N (2nd) N   [EEXCE]  alphabet;   1000    
 abecedarius, abecedaria, abecedarium ADJ   [DXXFS]  alphabetical; belonging to the alphabet;   1000    
 abecetuorium, abecetuorii N (2nd) N   [EEXEE]  act of tracing Greek and Hebrew alphabets on church floor while consecrating;   1000    
 abellana, abellanae N (1st) F   [XAXCO]  filbert, hazel nut;   1000    
 abellanus, abellana, abellanum ADJ   [XAXCO]  filbert/hazel (w/nut); of Abella (town in Campania noted for fruit/filberts);   1000    
 abeo, abire, abivi(ii), abitus V INTRANS   [XXXAO]  depart, go away; go off, go forth; pass away, die, disappear; be changed;   1000    
 abequito, abequitare, abequitavi, abequitatus V (1st) INTRANS   [XXXEO]  ride away;   1000    
 aberceo, abercere, -, - V (2nd) TRANS   [XXXEO]  keep away; forbid;   1000    
 aberratio, aberrationis N (3rd) F   [XXXEO]  diversion, relief;   1000    
 aberro, aberrare, aberravi, aberratus V (1st) INTRANS   [XXXBO]  stray, wander, deviate; go/be/do wrong; be unfaithful; escape; disagree (with);   1000    
 abfero, abferre, -, - V TRANS   [XXXCO]  bear, take away, remove, obtain, carry off/away, steal; (error for aufero);   1000    
 abfluo, abfluere, abfluxi, - V (3rd) INTRANS   [XXXEO]  flow/stream/issue (from); flow away; be abundant, abound (in w/ABL);   1000    
 abfugio, abfugere, abfugi, - V (3rd)   [XXXCO]  flee (from), shun; run/fly away, escape; disappear/vanish (things);   1000    
 abhibeo, abhibere, -, - V (2nd) TRANS   [XXXEO]  hold at a distance;   1000    
 abhinc ADV   [XXXCO]  since, ago, in past; from this time, henceforth; from this place, hence;   1000    
 abhorreo, abhorrere, abhorrui, - V (2nd)   [XXXAO]  abhor, shrink back; be averse to, shudder at; differ from; be inconsistent;   1000    
 abhorresco, abhorrescere, abhorrui, - V (3rd)   [DEXFS]  dread, become terrified; bristle up; begin to shake/tremble/shudder/shiver;   1000    
 abhorride ADV   [DXXFS]  roughly, improperly; in an unfit manner;   1000    
 abhorridus, abhorrida, abhorridum ADJ   [XXXFO]  rough, unsightly;   1000    
 abicio, abicere, abjeci, abjectus V (3rd) TRANS   [XXXAO]  throw/cast away/down/aside; abandon; slight; humble; debase; sell too cheaply;   1000    
 abico, abicere, -, - V (3rd) TRANS   [EXXCN]  humble; cast aside/away/off, reject;   1001    
 abiegneus, abiegnea, abiegneum ADJ   [XAXEO]  made of fir, deal;   1000    
 abiegnius, abiegnia, abiegnium ADJ   [XAXEO]  made of fir, deal;   1000    
 abiegnus, abiegna, abiegnum ADJ   [XAXCO]  made of fir, deal; wooden;   1000    
 abies, abietis N (3rd) F   [XAXBO]  fir tree/wood; white/silver fir, spruce; thing of fir, ship, spear; sea weed;   1000    
 abietarius, abietaria, abietarium ADJ   [XAXEO]  of/pertaining to/concerned with timber or fir/deal;   1000    
 abietarius, abietarii N (2nd) M   [XAXEO]  timber merchant; carpenter, joiner;   1000    
 abiga, abigae N (1st) F   [DBXFS]  plant which has the power of producing abortion;   1000    
 abigeator, abigeatoris N (3rd) M   [DAXES]  cattle stealer/thief, rustler;   1000    
 abigeatus, abigeatus N (4th) M   [XAXEO]  cattle stealing, rustling;   1000    
 abigeus, abigei N (2nd) M   [XAXEO]  cattle stealer/thief, rustler;   1000    
 abigo, abigere, abegi, abactus V (3rd) TRANS   [XXXBO]  drive/send away/off; expel, repel; steal, plunder (cattle), rustle; seduce;   1000    
 abigo, abigere, abigi, abactus V (3rd) TRANS   [EXXBW]  drive/send away/off; expel, repel; steal, plunder (cattle), rustle; seduce;   1000    
 abinde ADV   [XXXEO]  from that source, thence;   1001    
 abinvicem ADV   [FXXEM]  mutually; (usually as two words); from one another;   1000    
 abitio, abitionis N (3rd) F   [XXXDO]  departure; going away, departing;   1000    
 abito, abitare, abitavi, abitatus V (1st) INTRANS   [XXXFC]  go away, depart;   1000    
 abitus, abitus N (4th) M   [XXXCO]  departure, removal; going away; way out, exit, outlet, passage out, egress;   1000    
 abjecte, abjectius, abjectissime ADV   [XXXCL]  in spiritless manner; in humble circumstances, lowly; negligently; cowardly;   1000    
 abjectio, abjectionis N (3rd) F   [XXXEO]  dejection; a casting down/out; outcast;   1000    
 abjecto, abjectare, abjectavi, abjectatus V (1st) TRANS   [FXXCV]  throw/cast away/down/aside; abandon; slight; humble; debase; sell too cheaply;   1000    
 abjectus, abjecta -um, abjectior -or -us, abjectissimus -a -um ADJ   [XXXBL]  downcast, dejected; humble, low, common, mean; subservient; base, sordid, vile;   1000    
 abjicio, abjicere, abjeci, abjectus V (3rd) TRANS   [XXXAS]  throw/cast away/down/aside; abandon; slight; humble; debase; sell too cheaply;   1000    
 abjudicativus, abjudicativa, abjudicativum ADJ   [DSXFS]  negative;   1000    
 abjudico, abjudicare, abjudicavi, abjudicatus V (1st) TRANS   [XLXCO]  deprive by judicial verdict; give judgment against; reject; deny an oath;   1001    
 abjugo, abjugare, abjugavi, abjugatus V (1st) TRANS   [XXXES]  separate (from), remove; loose from the yoke;   1000    

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