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SEO. What is SEO. About SEO

This is about 70% of SEO
  • Use right <title> with needed word. Words are explored with google adwords keyword tool. Every page must have its own title. Title must be to 64 chars.  Google cuts text after 64 characters. May it can be a bit longer.
  • Use right <h1>, but a bit different words and their order,
  • Use words in your page link (to 5 words), but a bit different words and their order. Make your links as text links: not like http://www.aaa.com/en/id=10&article=20&bbb=30 but like http://mainfacts.com/internet-programming-web/seo-tutorial-links.
  • Add meta description <META description = ... > for every page. It must be an unique for every page. <META keywords = ... > is not important.
  • Use sitemap.
  • Make external links with keywords and synonyms on similar pages.
  • "Softly" use synonyms and keywords on page text. Some bolded.
  • Write text about UNIQUE 100-1000 sentences.
  • Make easy navigate site, every useful page reached from top using links (not forms). Forms are good to show additional functionality, wise web site, but pages will not be reachable using forms except rare cases.
  • Every week "generate" wise useful comments.
  • Avoid duplicate pages.
  • Avoid many 404 errors (page is not reachable)
  • Restrict non useful pages with robots.txt.
  • Analyze situation with google webmaster tools and google analytics.
  • Don't do your site as spammy. Use nofollow property <a href = "..." rel="nofollow" ></a> for external links on your site.
Other rules:

VERY IMPORTANT 1. Google is angry about repeated content: solution is here: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2009/02/specify-your-canonical.html. It is related with

<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.example.com/product.php?item=swedish-fish" />

which shows relation with another page, where initial similar or the same content is located.

2. For whole domain better to use 301 redirect.
PHP case:

// Permanent redirection
header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header("Location: http://www.gooddomain.com/");

Mod rewrite case:
# redirect all non-www traffic
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^thisdomain\.com$
RewriteRule ^.*$ http://www.gooddomain.com%{REQUEST_URI} [R=permanent,L]

# Redirect aliases of home page to the root website
rewriteRule ^index\.(php|html|htm) http://www.somacon.com/ [R=permanent,L]

3. JavaScript and <META> dont give 301 redirect.


Don't use invisible text but make it close - colors like 00FF33 & 00FF66 are both browser safe, but are so close most humans can't tell the difference.

Dont repeat content
Use H1 T- H6 tags once for your entire page Be careful spelling. Words like "PENS" and "ANGINA" can easily be mispelled to be words of the male and female anatomy respectively. This will cause Google to mistake your site for an ADUL† Site - and get it banned. Noticed how I used a special character to look like the letter "T" in the word before site. Use clever tricks like this throughout your documents.

Google hates long URLs.

Do not use text that is the same or slightly different color as the background to 'hide' keywords.

Do not repeat the keywords in the Meta tags (use them only once), and do not use keywords that are unrelated to the site's content.

Do not create a title like "web hosting, web hosting, web hosting." This is considered spam.

Do not repeat the keyword to increase its frequency on a page (Keyword stuffing). Search engines now have the ability to detect this: they can spider a page and determine whether the frequency is above a "normal" level in proportion to the rest of the words in the document - this is also known as keyword density.

Do not optimize a page for top ranking, and then swap another page in its place once a top ranking is achieved.

Do not put misleading words on the page in the hopes of attracting visitors looking for another topic.

Do not submit a page to the search engines that, once loaded, automatically redirects to a page of different information.

Do not create a page that prohibits the user from using the browser's back button to return to the search engine results.

Do not create "doorway pages."

Do not use small or 'invisible text' in the page.

Do not purchase multiple domains and put duplicate copies of the web site on each domain.

Do not participate in Link Farm programs.

Do not submit different versions of the web site in the hope of getting multiple listings.

Do not submit more than the allowed number of pages per engine per day or week. Each engine has a limit on how many pages one can manually submit to it using its online forms.

Do not cloak.

Do not support affiliate sites with the same or similar content but different site designs.

Do not create a page which is stuffed with keyword content so far down the page that it is unlikely anyone will ever scroll down that far.

Do not create a plain page specifically designed to rank highly, and then once indexed, upload a different page to your server.

Do not put hundreds of 1x1 transparent .gif's on your page and assign them all the same ALT text. This is rather easy to detect.

Do not use CSS to set the text size of a particular tag to 0% and then fill your page with 'invisible text.'
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very usefull is sitemaps and robots.txt
as well as "Advego plagiatus" to check whethet content is unique.

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Google SEO advices:


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 Use username: Guest, Anonymous, Programmer

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