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World. Business and culture

     Every national or racial group possesses both good and bad traits manifested not only in the group‘s individual members but as a guality common to the group as a whole. This has been noted by both scholars and ordinary people as they come into daily contact with neighbors of a particular nationality or race. And this contact among diferent countries is growing very quickly.
    Buisiness (especially show business) is becoming more and more global. Organisations must be able to communicate effectively across cultural differences, the understanding of how to negotiate complex social situations, and the development of familiarity with the customers and norms of many     The cultural industrines continue to grow steadily apace. They include publishing, music, dance, audiovisual technology, electronics, video games, internet and other. Their international dimension gives them a determining role for the future in terms of freedom of expression and cultural diversity.
    Show business globally is a place were you could find grudge, detestation, treachery and other bad things. However, there you could make new friends, earn money or you could find even love and understanding.
Show business
    Show business consist of many ranges: music, theater, dance, film and other things.  These things satisfy our wishes and make pleasure to ordinary people. People, who are working in show business are very creative and hotshot as they  organizing concerts, tv shows, they  take part in                    these shows or compere it. So, it is clear that these people are always on the public eye. Sometimes it is very hard but sometimes it helps to live in this dificult life.
    Show people think how to suprise the public, how to attract the crowd, how to make peoples leasure time more interesting and funnier. There are many various activities and many ways how to spend our free time. Some of them are energetic, active and healthy, others are passive and not so healthy. So we should choose which one is usefull for us. As sometimes people in show business can do anything in order to earn more money. So, often these people fool ordinary people out of their money an this happens in many ways..for example at the concert singers are singing with phonogram. In fact, it is very often phenomenon, especially in lithuania. We should be very guarded in order to reach the justice.  
Dancing was an important part of an upper class child’s education. Dancing masters were hired to teach dance techniques and etiquette to prepare children for attendance at balls and parties.  

    The managers of the ideal plant would have any reason to prepare to any significant degree simply to deal with a planned examination. Indeed, the managers of the ideal nuclear plant would welcome assessments by outside regulators and even demand more assessments rather than less. It is only because of management’s inability to embrace and implement the entire reach of their technical responsibilities on a continuing basis that they find themselves abhorring the prospect of a regulatory interaction.
    This lack of management’s ability leads to lack of confidence, which results in poor technical and culture decisions in the first place and in being overly concerned with regulatory interactions in the second place. Extraordinary steps must be taken at some point to get ahead of all of the possible adverse consequences of this self-imposed, weak management environment.
    A good culture enables good operational performance. Yet it is not enough for a nuclear plant manager to have the right culture. The manager also should have the required technical competence to make technical decisions at a level that exceeds, at least, the ability of the outside regulators to contradict those decisions.
    Manager’s mental picture provides the optimal basis for plant success, but only if it is the best one available. The manager who has the best technical and cultural picture is the manager with the best chance of making the plant a success, concurrently optimizing safety and reliability.
Lithuanian culture and it‘s perfection
    The baltic area has always been a place where people of diverse languages, confessions and cultures co-habited, and where an intense cultural exchange took place. Traditional music has a long memory and quite often the echoes of these relations survive through the ages, manifesting themselves in musical structures, modes, performing styles, and in the names of musical instruments.
    Typical Lithuanian music of the 20th century aims to reflect the diversity of postwar, the ideas which inspired different generations of composers, and the context of its reception. An analysis of this diversity takes into account the manifestation of identity/ difference during important stages in the development of Lithuanian music. Lithuanian music collections open up with the articles of a more general nature, which discuss the originality of Lithuanian modernism and its connections with the old Lithuanian tradition of folk singing.
    Today Lithuanian music switches on pop culture and foreign music. Often young artists forget our tradition music and our culture, they want to look and to sing or dance like “stars” in America or other country. In Lithuania show business is dead, but maybe after some years we will make boast of our show business. 
  • Music history is very interesting and diverse, in different country – different culture, different artists and different styles of music.
  • Not everyone could be culture manager and not everyone could work in show business, people should have special skills and inborn talents.
  • Lithuanians could proud of our music past, but do we have what to proud today?
  • Culture will always be almost the most important thing in our lives.
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