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 plentiful  scarce   1049    
 wealth  poverty   1018    
 abeyance  continuance   1011    
 cloudy  sunny   1007    
 banal  original   1005    
 artifical  natural   1004    
 part  whole   1004    
 all  none, nothing   1004    
 absent  present   1004    
 awful  wonderful   1003    
 approach  depart   1003    
 alone  together   1003    
 afoot  mounted   1003    
 unforeseen  foreseen   1003    
 harmony  discord   1003    
 sow  reap   1003    
 land  sea   1003    
 gather  distribute, scatter   1003    
 yang  yin   1003    
 zip  unzip   1003    
 young  old   1003    
 wide  narrow   1003    
 abundant  scarce   1003    
 ashamed  proud   1002    
 approximate  exact   1002    
 unnecessary  necessary   1002    
 unforgivable  forgivable   1002    
 irrecoverable  recoverable   1002    
 incredible  credible   1002    
 impolite  polite   1002    
 illegible  legible   1002    
 disorder  order   1002    
 worthless  valuable   1002    
 work  play   1002    
 violent  gentle   1002    
 slavery  freedom   1002    
 literal  figurative   1002    
 gain  loss   1002    
 complete  incomplete   1002    
 danger  safety   1002    
 absence  presence   1002    
 flaunt  hide   1002    
 factitious  spontaneous, genuine   1002    
 esoteric  generally known   1002    
 eschew  welcome   1002    
 erudite  ignorant   1002    
 emancipate  enslave   1002    
 console  aggravate grief   1002    
 altruistic  selfish   1002    
 aloof  gregarious   1002    
 adhere  detach   1002    
 wild  tame   1002    
 unlikely  likely   1002    
 worst  best   1002    
 zenith  nadir   1002    
 yin  yang   1002    
 yes  no   1002    
 wrong  right   1002    
 win  lose   1002    
 white  black   1002    
 wet  dry   1002    
 war  peace   1002    
 push  pull   1002    
 messy  neat   1002    
 known  unknown   1002    
 interior  exterior, outside   1002    
 gentle  rough   1002    
 backward  forward, onward   1002    
 artificial  natural   1002    
 ally  enemy   1002    
 chaos  order   1001    
 baffle  clarify   1001    
 alien  native   1001    
 whisper  yell   1001    
 hasten  dawdle   1001    
 dissemble  behave honestly   1001    
 condone  denounce, censure   1001    
 condign  inadequate, undeserved   1001    
 compendious  verbose   1001    
 comity  discord   1001    
 cognizant  ignorant   1001    
 calumniate  vindicate   1001    
 cadge  earn   1001    
 berserk  sane   1001    
 bane  blessing   1001    
 baleful  beneficent   1001    
 artifice  sincerity, candor   1001    
 ambiguous  clear   1001    
 alleviate  exacerbate, worsen   1001    
 abstemious  self-indulgent   1001    
 off  on   1001    
 stingy  generous   1001    
 remember  forget   1001    
 wise  foolish   1001    
 west  east   1001    
 kind  cruel, mean   1001    
 warm  cool   1001    
 wisdom  folly, stupidity   1001    
 wax  wane   1001    
 satisfactory  unsatisfactory   1001    

Knowledge of antonyms empowers people to use contrast and comparison in their oral and written expression. 

2013-08-08 12:57:00
What is antonym?
An antonym is a word that has the opposite meaning of another. The word has two parts:  anti and onym. "Anti" means "no", "onym" means name. Languages are complex ones and different words can be antonyms. But it is not true in all cases. Sometimes it depends on situation. If you change words to antonyms with "not" in text blindly, it can be full nonsence. Another case is to set "not" and prefix "un".
I forgive you. 
I don't unforgive you. 
Last one sounds strange for me and it has a bit different explanation. It means, that text becomes more various an rich. May unnormal. But we need to see context to decide if opposite word is antonym or not. So words are not antonyms necessarily in all senses. It means that opposite to white can be red in some situations and so on.  In order to better understand antonyms, people analyze synonyms as well. Then complexity of language is revealed more clearly. 

On the image above you can see the cards, which can be used for the game of antonyms; please mix cards and say for children to make right 2 columns.

2015-06-16 11:06:39

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We falsely attribute to men a determined character
putting together all their yesterdays
We dance in a circle and suppose, while the secret sits in the middle and knows.
Robert Frost
Not only is life a bitch, but it is always having puppies.
Adrienne Gusoff